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Yoga & Meditation for Recuperation & Re-entry after Chronic & Critical Illness – putting ‘Humpty Dumpty’ back together again.


One of my testimonials was recently published in the book:


– simple practices for lasting transformation using yoga, meditation & journaling

by Kathe Forrest

with the KRI Seal of Approval

Guruatma’s experience: (pgs 21-23)

After an extended period of chemotherapy (5 yrs), high-dosage prednisone (11 yrs) and taking many (about 20) other prescription drugs for 11 years, my nervous system was shot – I WAS A WRECK and felt like a walking, open and festering wound still fighting on the warfront.

Even thought I thought I was insane to do it, because I knew I would definitely suffer to even try, I committed to doing a 40-days of  the 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) yoga and meditation Kriya to Balance and Recharge the Nervous and Immune System

It cooled me down and definitely put me back together again – that’s why I named it the “Humpty Dumpty Kriya”.

It was super-challenging to hold my arms up, so I started with 3 minutes and worked my way up to 11.  The end of the exercise is where you reallyhave to work the hardest and over time, I could feel things adjusting in my systems and coming into balance.

This was no magic trick – I had to kick-butt and somehow the ‘oomph’ i needed to do the exercises was provided therein.

It promises to slowly and steadily build a very strong steel-like stamina in you and that is exactly what it delivered.

I extended the 40-day practice many times, till I felt I could afford to stop doing it.

It safely brought me back into life.  I really don’t what else on earth could have pulled off that miracle and I’m forever grateful for the gift of that particular yogic tool.

Another meditation that proved to be very powerful in my life was from ‘The Mind’ book written by Yogi Bhajan, PhD and Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, PhD; it’s called, Deep Memory of a Past Projection.

So here I was, brought back to life and I find myself PROFOUNDLY DEAF! and no longer able to listen to music, with numb feet (peripheral neuropathy) and all kinds of other unbelievable-to-me, life-altering conditions on my plate.

WHO WAS I??? if I could not be the singer and the runner and the everything-else-that-I used-to-be?  All my energy was totally sucked into that irresistible memory of my past identity.  Just like it says in the book, I was “tempted, hypnotized and distracted” by my attachment.

It was a terrible time in my life; I felt totally disoriented, desperate, depressed and REALLY MAD!  I was alive but jet-lagged from life as I knew it.

I seriously questioned why I was alive and I demanded God to SHOW ME! what could possibly be the justification for hanging out on earth any longer in this condition.

This meditation felt sooooo SOOTHING to me; it has a breath pattern that I just loved!

Thanks to repeating this meditation for many 40-day cycles, I was able to pick up and walk forward.  It did the trick and I was able to drop the past, much to my surprise.

And it’s effects linger even after all these years – it lives and breathes with me.

Because I’m late-deafened and have a memory bank of 43 years of normal hearing, when I wake up in the morning my consciousness automatically presents with the memory of being able to HEAR but, I soon find out that I am still deaf.

This meditation is my forever-anchor; it provided me with a tool that is always ‘under my belt’.  It helps me absorb that waking-up shock so that I am able to move right into coaching myself, “This is who you are, today, guruatma. You can do this and ‘keep up’    …and be happy!”

My soul’s purposeful fulfillment depended on finding this platform to perch on.  It keeps me in the reality and I get to practice not relating to anything that limits me.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this precious and powerful technology.

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