Guruatma K Khalsa

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radiation – where on earth to go for the required 5-day detox after the treatment?

i have a client who just had a lump in her neck/throat area and thyroid removed.  the biopsy showed 2 small locations with cancer so she will be having a radiation treatment.  she was told she will need to stay away from everybody for 5 days after that.  since her dr is on vacation and she can’t ask him, she is wondering how do people do that! – not touch the doorknobs or sink when other people live in the house, etc etc – a million concerns.  she heard that some people go live in a hotel after radiation and don’t report why they are there; she could never do that and endanger others.  we are wondering if there is a special hotel that understands what to do and accommodates such patients but, when we googled that, came up with nothing.  any advice?

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