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“What other choice do I have?” – chronic & critical illness survivor challenged by MS


a precious friend of mine just died from complications of MS, and i’m trying to get used to a world without her in it.  she was the coolest lady, a very talented and prolific artist and spiritual warrior the likes of which was very inspiring to me and everybody she met.  she had just  celebrated her 52nd birthday

i met her in my Healing Arts Class at our City of Houston facility for the handicapped and seniors where i now teach my Chair Yoga Class.  when i got better and started working, i no longer had time to attend that class that i loved so much, but i kept up with some of my classmates

i used to go to Cynthia’s house and help with her with filing papers and organizing drawers, wrapping Christmas presents – stuff like that which her hands could no longer do.  she had special adaptive tools to that allowed her to continue to paint but shuffling papers through her hands was no longer an option

each time i’d go, the progressive and debilitating nature of the disease she was challenged by took away yet another freedom and ability to do something she used to be able to do – those countless things we all take for granted

i’d ask her, “how can you stand it?” and she’d answer, “what other choice do i have?”

she never complained, like i surely would be doing if that happened to me

she taught me surrender and acceptance, and a whole bunch of other things…

i attached one of her paintings and here’s a poem she wrote that was in her commemorative booklet:


by Cynthia H


My life is divided.

To before and after.

An innocent now challenged.

Now forever challenged.


Numbness is now a struggle to move.

Heaviness beyond imagining

In my body,




Two words spoken create the division.

Each day after is a mystery,

How will it show itself?


Always inside me.

Silently consuming…yet teaching me

Patience?  Acceptance?

Blessing?  Curse?

It is both.


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