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recuperation -‘things that make me feel better’ list

one of my chronic/critical illness clients fell off a roof and hurt himself BAD.  he has been battling it out with his recuperative process for way over a year and, god only knows all what he has been through with his life getting thrown up in the air like that.  he just sent THIS to me:

One thing I’ve done, too, is I’ve made a list of “The Things That Make Me Feel Better” because when I feel bad I can’t remember what they are.  One thing that isn’t on the list is more medication.

how smart is THAT for a pain-management, coping technique!

i remember totally losing touch with my creative, self-promotional mind when i got to a certain point of hanging out in terrible pain.  the last person who could help me was me; it was like i got swallowed by a whale.  i would ‘lose it’ and get totally overcome with dissatisfaction and complaining – eaten alive by this down-ward spiraling, super-poweful, all-consuming, negative force

at one point, one of my caregivers helped me create a stack of colored index cards that were held together on the side by a key ring

she typed out labels for me and we attached them to the different cards, so that when i felt i was falling down into the well, i would go find my cards and flip through them, finding SOMETHING that i COULD DO, to catch me, distract me – re-route the energy

things like:

-do a breathing exercise

-have i eaten?

-watch Oprah

-remember, your doctor said, “tapering prednisone is HARD!”


-“You have the strength to overcome this challenge.”

-take your Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower)

-do art


-read a prayer

-go out and walk

…more to come








Jul 17, 2012 4:00 PM

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