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Thank a Nurse – How to Move Through the Medical System. What is OUR PART as the chronic or critical illness patient?


I had Cochlear Implant Surgery January 9th, 2014 and just had to send a ‘Thank You’ note to my surgical nurse – he was GREAT; I loved him!
Yes, it’s a personal letter, but it could have been written to anyone of all the myriad of people, our servants, who shine at their jobs and may not get acknowledged by us chronic and critical illness patients.
One of the things I learned from hanging out in the medical system most my life, was to notice the people whose hands were upon me and honor them for their efforts on my behalf – I think that’s so important, if you have it to give.
Here it is:
Dear David,
You were my nurse for my CI surgery on Jan 9th.  My name is Guruatma K Khalsa.
Has anyone ever told you what a GOOD NURSE you are?  I’m sure they have.
I love how you command your domain with compassion and grace.
I thought it was really cool that you came in and told us how you nurses consider it an honor to work with Dr. McReynolds.  I loved that you were willing to join my family and my hearing loss mentor, Teri Wathen, in a prayer circle before the procedure.  
I felt safe to go down that hall to the OR with you, and that’s saying A LOT!
Did you know that no one told me I would have a tube in my throat for the surgery.  It would have helped me to have known that to explain how bad my throat and lungs felt (a familiar symptom of the disease I’m challenged by – Relapsing Polychondritis) that nite at home, but I don’t think that was your particular job.
Freaks me out to imagine what-all you did to prepare me (my body) for the surgery, but since it was YOU and I was in your hands with your caliber of presence and projection, I know I received the very best and most respectful care.
I really liked you and how you handled yourself, and me, and my family.
Sending a note like this reminds me of the Aquarian Age principal:

Recognize the other person is you.     

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