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testimonial from a client challenged by a critical illness – 7/17/2013


Guruatma, quite simply, carried me through the most traumatic period of my life.

Due to ongoing facial reconstruction surgeries secondary to a serious diagnosis I was often overcome with fear, shock and trauma for almost two years. While I had to deal with the terror of each surgery, loss of employment, strains on my family and loss of social life as I knew it,  it was the loss of faith in a benevolent Universe that was most upsetting to me. Added to the trauma of a facial defect and ongoing surgeries with uncertain outcomes,  I was a mother caring for a young child  looking to me for strength and stability. 

 Not everyone could deal with the kinds of emotions I experienced nor would I feel comfortable sharing them with just anyone. What is that special something that enables one to have a healing experience with another person? I really don’t know, and it seems wrong to even try to analyze it. I just know that Guruatma  seemed to know exactly what I needed at the exact time I needed it. She always gave me way more than I asked for. She gave me strength when I had none.  She helped me find some faith again.  She kept this experience from crushing me and gave me tools to help myself. 

Anonymous July 2013

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