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i was just up in the attic going through my 7 legal-size boxes of medical files (in addition the legal-size cabinet full of medical docs down in my dining room) searching for my medication charts for the author of my book entitled, “MISDIAGNOSED – Walking the Path of SELF Knowing with guruatma”

i was very fortunate to have a family who had what it takes to help me fight the long and grueling process for acquiring a Fully-Favored Disability Status

we hired a lawyer and when we had meetings, she had to write all her questions and comments to me because i had lost my hearing in both ears (totally deaf) in the course of chemotherapy and had been told that i was ineligible for hearing aids (yet another MISDIAGNOSIS)

i found this 1998 note from her amongst countless forms that my dad and brothers filled out. she submitted her notes, including my answers to her question, in a court pleading; it’s in her handwriting.

in her notes, “Tell me about the anxiety.”

my answer:

Nights are so hard – everything gets bad.

I get low-grade fevers from the chemotherapy.

I feel like I have the flu.

I try not to use the narcotics.

I get nervous.

I think my husband is going to leave me.

Worry if we’re going to lose the house.

With me not working, we’re at the edge.

We used most of our savings.

i am sharing my answer to that question, not in the name of drama, but in case there’s a reason in YOU that affirms where you are at and what you are feeling at this stage of dealing with a chronic or critical illness

also, i feel it’s invaluable for caregivers to see this list. perhaps, you will be able to recognize the ‘voice’ of anxiety in the person you are helping, affirm them and assure them that what they are going through is normal, so you can help them better face the overwhelming challenges that they’re dealing with

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