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healing from the inside out

June 7, 2014
by Ruby Renshaw


Guruatma K Khalsa connects deeply with those directly and indirectly impacted by chronic & critical illness. Her presentations leave the audience and participants inspired and uplifted no matter the stage of their disease. She continues her research by taking care more »

April 25, 2014
by Guruatma Khalsa

long-term, high-dosage prednisone descent is death-defying

Successful Prednisone drug descent is a constant discussion amongst RP’s in our Relapsing Polychondritis Facebook Support Groups – Relapsing Polychondritis (RP) Awareness and RP – Relapsing Polychondritis Awareness and Support So many people have asked me how I got off the Prednisone and although this chart does not address the later more »

March 5, 2014
by Guruatma Khalsa

Intro to Blog

Through my blog, i am sharing my 60 years of experience, and the tools for self-management which lifted me out of this seemingly-hopeless ‘jungle of my own‘. As a child, i was plagued by serious environmental allergies and herpes simplex more »

January 24, 2014
by Guruatma Khalsa

Autoimmune disease remission – how I achieved that status

A woman in my FaceBook autoimmune support group for Relapsing Polychondritis, asked me: What if anything did you do to be in remission? Was it medication? Supplements? Good luck? My answer: I did tons of things! – diet and nutrition, herbs more »

April 17, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa
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suspecting she has Relapsing Polychondritis (autoimmune disease), a woman asks me, “what did you do to recover?”

you asked: What do you think was the most beneficial thing that you did to recover?  Was it the medications or other forms of detoxifications?  I have to admit, I struggle with the thought of utilizing powerful medications but I totally hear more »

January 14, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

Guruatma K Khalsa’s Bio

Contact Guruatma   View Guruatma’s Personal Healing Gallery The Breath Whisperer Guruatma K. Khalsa was born in 1952 and grew up in a large, middle-class family in Chicago, Illinois. Being the oldest girl of nine children, she was always taking care of more »

December 13, 2012
by Guruatma Khalsa
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Coaching Session Testimonials

Coaching Testimonials Contact Guruatma    “Guruatma, quite simply, carried me through the most traumatic period of my life. Due to ongoing facial reconstruction surgeries secondary to a serious diagnosis I was often overcome with fear, shock and trauma for almost two years. more »

December 13, 2012
by Guruatma Khalsa
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People Dealing With CCI Testimonials

Healing Testimonials of People Dealing with Chronic Critical Illness Today, I enjoy the freedom of walking freely on this earth. It was not so four years ago, when I had a devastating accident in which a truck hit me on more »

December 12, 2012
by Guruatma Khalsa
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Do you or does someone you love suffer from a long-term chronic or critical illness? Contact Guruatma to explore the many ways she can help and to request a speaking engagement. Email :

December 6, 2012
by Guruatma Khalsa
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Guruatma’s Personal Healing Journey

Transformation Photo Gallery Introduction to Guruatma’s Blog More about Guruatma Contact Guruatma Teri Wathen interviews and Guruatma K Khalsa, and her husband Sat Kartar Singh, for Access TV – TX Commission for Deaf and HOH July 2002. Filmed by Monica Parks.