Guruatma K Khalsa

healing from the inside out

Audio of Guruatma

To be with Guruatma is a unique and uplifting experience. Her ability to express her wisdom, IMG_9055through very specific language integrated with caring attentive energy, is a joy.

Below are a few audio recordings of Guruatma for you to listen to! 

She modeled for the sculpture she is standing next to in the photo – her husband, Sat Kartar S Khalsa sculpted her ear in Cedar-wood, a commission from the staff at Hearing Systems for Max McCarthy’s birthday. Max has been Guruatma’s Audiologist since 2000.

1) 10 steps to life 12-21-12

2) How to Promote Yourself Through the Medical System

3) Chair Yoga Class talk on 3-21-14 – MANTRA – Abracadabra – “You create what you speak.”