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MeditationAbilitiesExpo-300x231Losing your nose at the vulnerable age of nineteen to an undiagnosed disease that eats the cartilage in your body would be enough to harden most of us. Heap on top of that the total and permanent loss of hearing in both ears during the course of chemotherapy, and the last thing you would expect from someone who has experienced these tragic and fearful losses is an energetic, deeply caring, captivating and entertaining individual.

After years of suffering and battling it out with countless relapses, Guruatma was finally diagnosed with a very rare and relapsing auto-immune disease and told she had five years to live. Today, supported by her practice of yoga, meditation and breathwork, she enjoys a quality of life far beyond the supposed-limitations of her prognosis.

Guruatma shares the insight and tools she’s gained, turning her story of living and thriving with a chronic and critical illness into a series of lively and educational presentations that will touch and uplift any audience.

Available for Groups, Radio, TV, and Non-Profit Organizations

Specializing in Yogic Approach and Philosophy of Chronic & Critical Illness


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