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testimonial from a woman who is challenged by a rare autoimmune disease – she lives on the other side of the world and found me on the internet


one of the people helping me with marketing asked me how this one client in particular found me.  we live across the world from each other and she discovered my site about 3 years ago when i had a minimal website.  i emailed her and asked what keywords and phrases she used to search for and find me.

she gave me permission to post her response:

Hello,  Sorry  for coming back with such a delays, I did not expect that a small child can take all my time leaving so little for myself.

It is amazing what you have turned out of your illness and how you are using it for your and others people’s sake  You have beaten the disorder and using it in the same how it used you and controlled you before many years. It is not often when you can see it. Usually people give up and become weaker.

Thank your for your teleseminar recording, I listened to it. And there was story about me! (but i was not in Olympic team, just a very good swimmer). You have learned how to touch soul because your words brought me to tears in many places. I think many people feel the same.

I found you because my desperate question was – why i have to live if i am and never will be happy? and – how to heal myself. and – how to beat the illness. I used all these phrases to search on the internet. I did it again and again and never really found someone, except story about Lance Armstrong and you.

My advice and wish would be that you write a book – your life story and All lessons you learnt – step by step. Out there are so many people who can give advice but can’t give an example. You have gone through all it and as I wrote on one of my first emails: I found your web site, read your story many times and kept repeating – we both are human beings. If she could do it, it means that i can do it as well.
I would give the title to book – how i healed my physical and  mental disorder and became happy. And subtitle – Everyone can this.
Another wonderful thing is that you are alive and will be. You are not some hero from past. You are someone who lives nearby. It gives encouragement.
And another thing- if you write a book, you will not miss many important details. If you give a consultation, you miss. And if you write your short bio on web site – you miss.

For example, I did not know that you have a husband. I thought that you have lost him during difficult times. But you have it! It is very important because I thought many times that people with severe disorders always stay alone. That they have only parents, brothers, sisters, sometimes children. I thought that ill people are such a burdens which nobody wants to carry on.

I am still on my way out of unhappiness. I am learning and you were on of my first step stones.

with love,
Baiba, in UK

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