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Dr. Yasmeen Jalal, MD   Sugarland, TX

Town Center Ear Nose and Throat Clinic 281-265-1160

Excellent ENT doctor/surgeon!  Did her residency in Relapsing Polychondritis/Auto-Immune arena.  MEDICAID Provider.

Dr. Keith Bourgois, MD   Houston, TX

St Joseph Medical Center  713-650-0391

The very best ophthalmologist, specializing in eye diseases including Auto-Immune Related Eye Involvement.  MEDICAID Provider.

Dr. Lawrence Root, MD, APA   Houston, TX    

St Joseph Medical Center 713-757-0894

Excellent psychiatrist with qualifications in geriatric and addiction. THE ONLY DOCTOR willing to work with my complicated presentation of serious side-effects from the combining of so many medical drugs. He was around when the medical field first started using the drug PREDNISONE. He worked with me from 1999 thru 2006, when I successfully weaned off PREDNISONE and all the other drugs. “Western culture and people, they want to take a pill to fix the pain. In all my years of practice, I have never witnessed someone making the choices you did,” Dr Root said to me upon dismissal.  MEDICAID Provider.

Hari Kaur, Nurse Practitioner & Patient Advocate 

Dr. Ron Moses, ENT Houston, TX   

I heard back from so many people, bringing home the value of  social media when feeling “stuck in a rut.” I am so grateful for the outpouring of support, concern and recommendations. To my amazement, I was able to get an appointment this morning with Dr. Ron Moses. He is a “mensch” in every sense of the word – empathetic, funny, and unhesitating to say it like it is. I so appreciate the information he gave me. My  neighbor who was with me summed up the experience as “the best second opinion consultation I ever experienced.” Yup. Gotta agree. It’s everything you look for when seeking more information.” Dottie S 4-2-14

Dr. G Walter McReynolds, MD, PA Houston, TX

ENT office 281-649-7000.

Specializing in Otology and Cochlear Implants.  Dr McReynolds was my Cochlear Implant surgeon; he works with Houston Ear Research Foundation 713-771-9966

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