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Hearing Loss Support

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Hearing Loss Association of America – HLA

HOH/DEAF Local Support Group Houston, TX

Our new family! – Very supportive of me & my husband, a family member in a home suddenly challenged by the condition of profound deafness.

Terri Wathen TX


Terri is paid by the State of TX to educate whoever needs help in the hearing loss arena.  She rescued and counseled my husband and I, teaching us how to communicate in our baffling new world of my hearing loss.

She introduced me to my COMTEK PA System which hooked me back into the hearing world &, she made a TV documentary, using us as an example (see the link) – EVERYBODY LOVES TERI “T” switch!


The highest quality PA System.  I still use the one I bought from them in 2001 – it’s my right arm and I couldn’t manage without it!


Max McCarthy – Audiologist – Office and Store on Hwy 6 – 281-855-8916

Max & his assistant Rynda Tong, have taken care of my Assistive Hearing Equipment (like hearing aids and captioned phones, etc) needs for ages. They are like family to me.  Les Calloway can help you with ANY QUESTIONS about all Assistive Listening Devices

Paula Watson, Audiologist Heights, TX

Paula helped me get my first government-provided hearing aids – HUGE STEP!  Medicaid Provider.

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