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Image 10Guru Dev Singh – Sat Nam Rasayan Healer & Teacher

World-renowned Master Healer and teacher of the ancient and very pure form of yogic healing in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga.

Susan Coleman Houston, TX

Reiki Master & Practitioner/Therapeutic Essential Oils/Movement Re-Education/EMO/Massage & Bodywork/Raindrop Technique/Cymatics/Energetic Scan/Soundwave Therapy/Healing Codes Coach & Practioner/Soft tissue manipulative therapy (Trager)

Susan aka Siddhi Chand is a MASTER HEALER.  She taught me some massage techniques I incorporate in my ‘Body Wave’ massage. There is no match for her neck massage!

Margaret Harle, RN, NSN, CHTP Houston, TX

Healing Touch Practioner and Educator/Energy Medicine/Reflexology/Labyrinth/Relaxation Training

30 years Oncology Nursing experience – 23 at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX.

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