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Image 18Dr. Joe Lindley, D. C. Houston, TX

HIGHER HEALTH – Advanced Healing Systems Teacher/Chiropractor/Homeopathy/Acupuncture/Herbs/Nutritional Supplements/Applied Kinesiology/Allergies

I was in Dr Joe’s care over 3 decades.  His technique has evolved over time and HIGHER HEALTH describes him perfectly!

Dr. Guruchander Singh, Chiropractor Santa Fe, NM

1505 Llano Street  Santa Fe, NM 87505. (505) 984-3034

Santokh S Khalsa, D. C. Altadena, CA

Chiropractor/”Clearing Through Unification”/30 yrs experience in Kundalini Yoga 626-345-9750

Dr Santokh worked with me bi-weekly, by phone, during the most critical years of illness.  His across-the-miles ‘subtle-body clearing technique’ kept me afloat, especially in the emotional/psychological-impact realm 

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