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Guruatma shares about Forgiveness

Forgiveness healed me up the wahzoo when it comes to resentments about all what happened to me, here are a few of my favorite quotes about forgiveness and understanding from Yogi Bhajan:

Pre-forgive all the mistakes, the pains and the enemies you encounter. They are all yours. They are part of your drama. without them you cannot evoke the depth of your soul and the dimensions of your character. Forgive the many mistakes you made and those of everyone you know. Pre-forgive all the future relationships. Accept the flow of life as creative and beyond the maneuvers of your mind. Be loving and real to all you encounter. And love yourself at each step along the way.

You must be intelligent and conscious enough to understand my way – and I must know what your way is so that we can have a common way. And that is the only way a person can be happy.


  1. Vjkk Vjkf,

    Was looking for a plausible insight on forgiveness and your site popped up and I said, wait a minute, I know this awesome lady!

    Thank you for sharing.

    Sat Nam G.


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