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About Addiction

Since 1978 when I first started going to yoga classes at a 3HO ashram, devoting myself to building, maintaining, practicing the technologies therein and sharing all my Yogic-Tools files (now filling 5 legal-sized, 4-drawer cabinets) has been my calling, discipline and passion.

As always, I feel grateful, blessed, humbled, excited and honored to serve the world and share this vital resource I compiled with Yogi Bhajan’s Teachings on Addiction.

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Topics include compulsive/irrational eating-fat-weight loss (big section), temptation-desires, breaking habits-dealing with hurdles, smoking-nicotine, substance abuse-drugs, cocaine-LSD-marijuana, alcoholism, caffeine, sugar-carbs, drug side-effects like convulsions & hallucinating, detox, etc. etc.

This collection of key data in the addiction arena, 36 years in the making, is filled with Yogi Bhajan quotes and excerpts from his books, lectures and CD’s, and pranayams, mudras, mantras, pauris, prayers, stretches, yoga exercises & sets (some of the sets present only the cover page so you can search them out) and meditations from 3HO, KRI, IKYTA and LOT (Library Of Teachings) links, books, manuals and magazines.

Many 3HO people are represented including Shakti Parwha Kaur, SatSiri Kaur (from Houston, TX), GuruDev Singh (Sat Nam Rasayan healer), Mukhta Kaur (of 3HO SuperHealth), Sat Kartar Singh (sculptor), Hari Jiwan Singh, Gurucharan Singh, Dr Santok Singh, D.C. and Guru Rattana Kaur.

I think the only doc in the stack that does not generate from 3HO is the Bach Flower Remedies for Addiction which I have so much faith in because of how they have helped me and my students & clients, in this arena. Maybe there’s also another peripheral document or two in there?

Siri Neel Kaur has been working with me for many years, helping me to respectfully present the 3HO/KRI/Library of Teachings documents. Note that some of the materials are from sourcebooks that have Not yet been reviewed and approved by KRI (like Ravi Singh’s and Guru Rattana Kaur’s).

In other words, at this point, this packet is NOT ‘nice and neat’, nor complete, but I felt the need to step up NOW and come up with something to give to you who approached me, needing it for the purpose of teaching and spreading this particular technology.

“When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.” 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age Yogi Bhajan

The cost to you, to cover the office and printing expenses, is $25.

If you live close to the Houston ashram, I can leave your copy in the book room, and you can put your payment in an envelope for me in the desk.

Send me your address if you need me to mail it to you and I will let you know the additional charge for the postage.

I humbly request that if you use anything from the Yogi Bhajan’s Teachings on Addiction – Key Data from Guruatma’s Yogic-Tools Files Document to help someone or teach a class, you make a donation in honor of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on the science of giving and receiving. And if you allow someone to copy your copy, please encourage them to do the same.

I like how we did it after I taught the 9-month “Buds” prosperity course in 2010/11, going through, sharing and experiencing together the technologies in my huge PROSPERITY file collection. Some of the students took those teachings, created and taught their own Prosperity classes, and chose to route 10% of their intake from the course back to me – that was, and continues to be, a very satisfying arrangement that is working well for the good of all concerned.

Another option I’d like to suggest is to send your donation to KRI or the Library of Teachings.

For receiving this abundant collection and great teaching tool, should you feel inspired to send a donation to the teaching and coaching business that has blossomed from these files, Thank You!

I will be happy to accept your offering on behalf of Yogic Tools for Chronic and Critical Illness @

Please, write any checks out to Guruatma K Khalsa .

ps – There might be some duplicates and there’s several sketchy copies – but there’s enough evidence on each page for you to research the source.

psps – One of the docs is in Spanish – the first page of a link to a meditation shared with me by a woman attending my Jori/Kirtan course with Bhai Baldeep Singh. I think i remember it was given to her by GuruDev Singh to conquer some habit she was challenged to break.

pspsps – Some of you have asked me about my book. As soon as we get settled in out here at our new home (we named our property Sukhmani Nivas), I’ll be totally immersed and working diligently on the editing phase. We’re looking forward to getting it ‘out there’ for publication next year. Thank you for your interest and your support.

I’m ending by sharing with you one of Yogi Bhajan’s ways he signed-off at the end of the letters he sent us:

My love and prayers are with you. May Guru’s light be your light. May His grace prevail, and may this day record you as walking your destiny path.

In the name of the Cosmos which prevails through everyBODY and the Holy Nam which holds the world.

Humbly yours,

My new address is:

Guruatma K Khalsa
1817 Barbers Hill Rd
highlands, TX 77562


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