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removing the mercury amalgams from my teeth DID help my immune system fight Relapsing Polychondritis


we all know not to touch the mercury that escapes out of a broken thermometer and we know not to touch a silver filling if it pops out of our mouth – why, then, do we allow that toxic material to live inside of us, vaporizing and seeping into our body systems through our mouth and jaw?

i had all the mercury fillings taken out of my mouth long ago, according to the advice of my nutritionist

please, read this posting from a biological dentist here in houston; people come for all over the world to have him remove their “silver” fillings – it has to be done correctly and it’s a time consuming and costly undertaking but, in my case, i know it paid off and made my immune system stronger

if you read the book It’s All In Your Head, The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness by Dr. Hal A. Huggins, i’m pretty sure you’ll want to immediately look into the possibility that your fillings are poisoning you  – and that’s the last thing in the world you need on your plate if you’re already battling it out with a chronic or critical condition or disease

i have lots to share on this topic but, for now, read this article written by  a biological dentist, William P. Glaros, DDS, INC

One Friday, I returned a call to a patient who was bringing her mom in

for a dental appointment that coming Monday, as her mom had lost a
mercury “silver” filling. She described how she’d picked up the filling
with a latex glove, put it in a baggie and sealed it, and put both the
baggie and glove in a glass jar and sealed that.  “Was that okay?” she
“Almost perfect,” I replied. She’d certainly done the right thing by not
touching it bare-handed. She was ecologically responsible, not throwing
it into the garbage where it would end up off-gassing in a landfill or
flushing it down the toilet to contaminate the water supply. Her choice
of a sealed glass container would prevent the ever-releasing mercury
vapor from polluting the air. 
“Almost perfect?” she said.  “Dr., what would you have done?”
“Well, with 40 years of dental experience, and with a clear knowledge of
the positions of the American Dental Association and the Food and Drug
Administration on the safety of mercury/silver fillings for patients, I
would have told your mom to put that filling in the only safe place on
the planet: back in her mouth.”
We both had a good laugh. But after we hung up, I grew sad. You see,
when a dentist handles mercury/silver filling material (amalgam), it’s
considered “toxic” until placed in the tooth. And upon removing the
“silver” filling, we must dispose of the material as “hazardous waste.”
In between time? ADA and FDA policies agree with my “only safe place”
comment. This is sad. This is also crazy.

The odd logic of the amalgam being “safe” only when in the mouth” –
along with my witnessing the detrimental effects of “silver fillings” on
the health of patients – is  what convinced me to make mine a
“mercury-free” dental practice many years ago. And it’s what compels me
to serve my patients through the safe removal of toxic fillings.

How I long for the faulty “mercury” logic to be corrected, for dentists
to be open to better options for their patients, for patients to find
the higher quality care that is readily available and for that mercury
filling (and baggie and glove) in the glass jar to be merely a reminder
of a practice now extinct!


Safe Mercury Removal Protocol

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