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People Dealing With CCI Testimonials

Healing Testimonials of People Dealing with Chronic Critical Illness

Today, I enjoy the freedom of walking freely on this earth. It was not so four years ago, when I had a devastating accident in which a truck hit me on the driver’s side of my own truck, breaking my hip, pelvis and femur and in five places. It took me 6 month to go back to work. At the time, I had been a yoga student at Yoga Central, the 3HO Kundalini Yoga Ashram in Houston, TX, and was attending regularly the 6am class. I was close to my teacher, Guruatma Khalsa. I was so surprised when in the daze of the firsts days after the accident, to see her walk in to my room, with her positive allure and, as usual, full of energy and making the air reverberate…. read more

Due to ongoing facial reconstruction surgeries secondary to a serious diagnosis I was often overcome with fear, shock and trauma for almost two years. While I had to deal with the terror of each surgery, loss of employment, strains on my family and loss of social life as I knew it,  it was the loss of faith in a benevolent Universe that was most upsetting to me….read more

I was crazy and you make human out of me – I come back into life. It didn’t matter what I said. Without judgment, you listened, you understood and you walked with me through my emotions. Usually, people didn’t take me seriously. So, I’m not something different. So, I’m normal and I’m only human. I don’t know what you did, but whatever you did, it worked. So, I have the power to take care of myself. Whenever I come here, I leave with laughter. Write my name; I’m honored to be with you.” Nasrin N Houston, TX

Thanks to your guidance and support, my mom is now pain free in her rib area for the first time in four years. I’m profoundly grateful.” Carol D Austin, TX  

For many years I was feeling down but refused to take any medications. I thought I can fight low mood by myself. I thought it is un-natural to let chemistry work for myself. When my physical disorder started to progress and when I got pregnant everything went down the hill. Instead of enjoying pregnancy, instead of loving my baby, I was thinking about senseless of my life. My physical disorder was eating my life bit by bit. I was able to do less and less things which I was used to. Before I was very athletic – swimming for miles and running for miles. Now, I hardly walked and I was not able to hold my baby in hands because my shoulders and back hurt. I did not want to live. I thought that my physical disorder and my depression are absolutely separate things – that I should use medications only to treat my physical body, not my brain. 

When I talked to Guruatma, she encouraged me to try anti-depressants. I was so tired of all my life that I gave up my fight and started to use them. 
Now, one year is gone. My baby boy had his first birthday. And only now I start to feel something, I start feel love to my baby and love to my partner. I could not believe that medications like antidepressants can do such a things with me. They returned me positive feelings. After years in a darkness I can enjoy my life despite my physical disorder.” Baiba from Latvia, May 2012

“…being in your presence is uplifting, inspiring and I always take away something that never leaves me.”  Elizabeth Whitley Flores, MA LP

The breathing and the mantras are helping; they absolutely help me in my daily life.  They have been much more effective than just taking an ATIVAN (anti-anxiety/depression drug).” Anonymous

GA, you give it to me straight and I love you for that :)” G

The doctor approved 8 Physical Therapy visits for my mom.  She’s already walking daily and her chronic rib pain is much better.  Thanks for suggesting I advocate for her and, see if she was eligible for some physical therapy.” Anonymous, July 2012

There is no doubt in my mind that Guruatma has provided me with counseling and tools which have not only empowered me, but which have proven life saving in the face of the serial physical and emotional challenges of the last few years.” Anonymous, June 2012

The thing that I like best about Guruatma’s yoga class is that she is so accepting of every person just where they are. When I first went to her class I was so concerned that I would not be able to sit on the floor, as well as being a large woman I have osteoarthritis in my knees. Guruatma was so patient helping me to be comfortable and supported in the poses. It is very affirming when your body does not do what you want it to do to find other ways to do this work. Guruatma always encourages us to be accepting to our bodies and to focus on what is working well. I love Guruatma’s Yoga class.” Margaret H, Nurse/Healing Touch Partitioner, Houston, TX

I am currently inhaling the manna that is your 6 Stages and 22 Steps. You are truly a servant of peace to those who find themselves afflicted and seeking the peace you provide. I honor you, my yogi.”  Janet M  Chair Yoga Student  Houston, TX  February 2013

After my husband suffered a severe and life threatening injury, I knew just where to turn – Guruatma Kaur Khalsa.  I was so focused on getting my husband help and caring for his needs, that I neglected myself significantly.  I even began to wallow in some mild depression and self pity, especially after the medical bills began to come in.  Our whole world had been turned up-side-down.  GAK was right there on the phone and email, asking questions, listening, and making sure I took care of myself and made some time for myself.  When I began to worry about this or that, GAK always had just the right suggestion, meditation, just the right quote, or her own words of wisdom that took care of every situation that presented itself.  She gave me so much support, propped me up and gave me the courage to go on.  The thing that makes her so genuine is that she has been there, she knows first hand what it is like to be very sick and knows what it is like to look after someone that is very sick.  We were so blessed to have her by our side to help us the past year.  I don’t know what we would have done without her.  She is a wealth of wisdom in many areas of yogic and spiritual health and healing.  She has learned to use many tools and techniques to help a variety of people in a variety of situations.  May the Infinite bless her always.” Sirgun Kaur R,  Austin, TX

Since my mother has been attending Guruatma’s classes, I have seen a huge improvement with her behavior and mobility. My mother has Multiple Sclerosis and the left side of her body has always caused her problems. By practicing Guruatma’s teachings, my mother has been able to calm her nerves and exercise her body in various new ways. I believe that her mobility has increased by at least 50% within the last year. We are truly blessed with all the changes that are occurring for my mother.” Elah N Houston, TX

My mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was a teenager and I was slowly coming to terms with the fact that over the years, my mother’s mobility was gradually going to decrease until her left leg and arm would be immobile. However, by attending private sessions, Guruatma has truly helped my mother with her mobility as well as her confidence.

For the past couple of years my mother was always hesitant to drive because of insecurities she had, but now she is more secure and comfortable behind the wheel of a car. Guruatma has helped lift my mother’s spirits and now my mother is the one that wants to get better and attend physical therapy.” Assal N  Houston, TX

“Your work is so powerful and I am blessed to have crossed your path. I now have several healers from different walks working with me and you are my yogi!” Janet M Houston, TX

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