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Symbol of scales is made of stones on the cliff

Symbol of scales is made of stones on the cliff

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I have had the privilege of working with Guruatma for the past 6 years she volunteered at Covenant House – Texas, a homeless shelter for runaway and at-risk youth between the ages of 18-21. Ms. Khalsa dedicated countless hours of her time teaching our young adults Kundalini Yoga. This was beneficial because they suffer from numerous issues including abandonment, abuse and neglect. Read entire letter Covenant House 2014 recomdtn

“Please let it be known that Guruatma Khalsa is one of the best yoga teachers in Houston, Texas. She has trained with some of the best teachers in the country since 1977. And she not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. I would recommend her without hesitation to teach anybody Kundalini Yoga, at any level. She knows the technology and can explain it clearly. She is also good at developing modifications of exercises for those students that have physical limitations.” Mark David McCreary, Internet Tools, Inc. 

“I travel for business a fair amount.  The stress from traveling and the my non-stop schedule leaves me feeling depleted mentally and physically and my mental focus, well, it’s fragmented to say the least.  When in Houston, I make it a point to come to Guruatma’s 6 am class.  By simply attending this class, I strengthen and invigorate my body and immune system, I release my stress, and regain my mental focus and neutral mind.  I can’t think of a better to start a productive and successful day.  Guruatma – many blessings to you for what you do.”   Rich W.   3-23-14

“I agree that the 6 o’clock class was a little light and exploded in various directions. I am very proud I was part of it. I sincerely admire your will. Thank you Guruatma for all that you shared with us. No one can be the same after the 6:00 o’clock class.”  Claudia M. Hughes, Teacher

“I would go to 6am class every day if I could because it really wakes me up and get my body moving. When I don’t go to 6am class I feel the stiffness creeping in and I don’t feel as flexible. KY has really helped me with the neck and shoulder discomfort I get from occupational repetition.”   Christopher O.   3-23-14

“Who wants to get up at 5:30 am to go to a Yoga class?  I can tell you that it is all of us who are students of Guruatma Khalsa!  This amazing Kundalini Yoga teacher changes our day, our bodies and our moods. I think of it as turning on the “body” ignition. I totally recommend it!”   Susan P.   3-23-14

“When I leave Guruatma’s class at 7am, I am a new person. My muscles are stretched and relaxed, I have breathed consciously for 1 whole hour and I am more focused. So, I come out ready to face what is coming my way on that day. I wish I could have these kind of classes every morning because I know I would be more productive.”    Soody S.   3-23-14

“Morning yoga with Guruatma gives me clarity and focus for the day. It cleans the mind which is the most important component for health and concentration.”   Chyrell B.   3-23-14

“Your morning class offers something very special to me & I think everybody else in the room.  THANK YOU.”   Yoyo S.   Jan 2013

I want to tell you, that you are sincerely one of the finest Kundalini Yoga teachers on this planet.  I do not know anyone who teaches with more accurate knowledge than you.  You have a way of making the teachings real.  I knew this teacher was in you, and I saw your global reach way back when everyone thought you would die. I just saw and knew that God was not going to take that teacher off the planet before using the resource, ha!!

“I am very proud of you, and all that you are doing on the internet and in the world, to teach and share and heal and grow and give.  You amaze ME!!”   S S Gurukarta K, Animal Rights Advocate Houston, TX

Guruatma is a teacher. She teaches with compassion, but also with precision and attention to detail. She not only teaches, she inspires. She carries the gifts, which come to one who has suffered greatly and has transcended the pain and the memory in some mysterious way. She also carries the knowledge and experience of many years of study and devotion.

“Her insistence is gentle; her judgment stands suspended in empathy. Without reservation, I recommend Guruatma for teaching persons of all ages. Her gentle, yet firm approach ushers her students to try and keep trying and finally to reach beyond themselves.”   Kate Burns LPC   Houston, TX

…she is incredible, and i love her with all of my heart..she gives and gives and gives, directly and sincerely delivering exactly what you need….an authentic and very human teacher, just by being, she has taught so much..i can only speak for myself, but suspect it to be true for many people, that the course of my life would be very different without having met her  …she has endlessly helped to re-open my heart and to get back in touch with life (thank you Guruatma..words fall short of expressing my gratitude for you being you) : ) ”   Jaapjeet K/Stephanie F Houston, TX

I study yoga with Guruatma weekday mornings at 6am. It takes someone with a highly inspirational style to being with students at that hour. Guruatma is exceptionally knowledgeable on the intricacies of Kundalini and imparts the information in terms which all can follow. My stressful workday supporting trial lawyers is given relief as Guruatma taught me breathing techniques I discreetly execute during urgent situations.”   Danessa C. Bradley, Legal Secretary  Houston, TX

…you are already a miracle, a beaming light of thunder and a successful teacher.  So proud of you, now taking the next step for completion.”  Inderjot K, Graphic Artist Canada

You are my inspiration.  You have overcome many challenges and have paved the way for others.  You could have become bitter, cynical, blamed others for your challenges, and so on.  Instead, you faced your health issues with courage and determination.” Rosalinda M Houston, TX  7/2012

I’ve been a member of Co-Dependent’s Anonymous for over a year now, but, even though the program really helped me, I always felt “something” was missing. After attending your yoga class on addiction, I think I discovered what that “something” was.

Your wonderful explanations about the Self and the Soul, and how the self warps into addictive behavior when it has no relationship with the soul really helped me to see my co-dependence in a new light. Even though I’ve done my third step and turned my life over to God, as I understand God, your class and yoga set has shown me how much power I have in actively establishing a relationship with God.

I’m not one for ‘blind faith’, to be honest. I’d rather have an experiential knowledge of God than a vague hope God exists somewhere. So, I think your class will push me even further in my search for that experience.” Anonymous

Oh my God, i feel like i’ve been vibrated at the Universal level!” Elizabeth F, LPC Houston, TX

To me it is as difficult to get up at 5:00 a.m. as at 8:00 a.m. So, why not receive the benefits of a class that covers spirituality, exercise, relaxation, and healing practices in an environment of love and care with a teacher that is always willing to give and give more.” Claudia H, Public School Teacher Houston TX

I’m a teacher, and usually when I go into my classroom at the beginning of each year, I am overwhelmed by the amount of things to do.  In the past I have always felt rushed, confused, and exhausted.  After doing yoga almost every day with Guruatma this summer, I’ve had a very different experience this time.  I was able to take one thing at a time and enjoy doing it. I experienced a sense of creativity in arranging the furniture, library and other materials, and in designing and creating the bulletin boards.

During the summer, I write poetry.  This summer I experienced a new found ability to quiet my inner critic and to hear my poems as they came to me.

My son has also noticed a difference.  “Mom, when you say no now, you say it quietly and calmly.”

Teaching, writing, and mothering are the three deeply important activities for me.  That each of these has undergone an improvement is a blessing and source of joy to me.” Carol D, School Teacher and Poet Austin/Houston, TX

My joy and peace are a testament to your skills as a guide through the jungle of my defense mechanisms to the seat of my soul.” Michelle H MD

With the attention, knowledge and technology Guruatma provides, you cannot help but be propelled towards profound healing and your highest good.” Ruby Renshaw, MBA  New Mexico

I have known Guruatma for 25 years and know her to be a person of compassion, integrity, sensitivity, and professionalism. I know that as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga she will bring these qualities and combine them with a solid knowledge of yoga.

In addition, having lived with a disability for many years, she will bring a practical knowledge about how to deal with a disability, particularly how to incorporate yoga into coping strategies.” Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa M.S., L.P.C. Boulder, CO

It’s so GREAT to get these downloads from your student hand-out list – they makes my yoga exercises fun because I get a chance to try different things. I just love it!  It’s what I look for every morning when I get up. You inspire me to stay focused and be truthful to myself.  Your blogs and the words of Yogi Bhajan, helps me think about life and this universe differently. I realized yesterday that now I can rock on my back which I couldn’t do three weeks ago when I was in Houston.  Thank you , thank you, thank you.” Sepi/Dharam Dhian Vietnam

I have had an incredible experience working with Guruatma’s Prosperity Course. At first, with just the little bits I was doing to build and gather up the tools to prosperity, things started jumping. Now, going deeper into the course and learning and experiencing more of the tools Guruatma presents me, I’ve been experiencing more movement in my attitudes and in my prosperity. I even had an opportunity in my art career come back to me that I thought had passed long ago.” Christopher O, Artist/Hairdresser Houston, TX

Guruatma Kaur carries the spirit of the teachings in her heart. She has a special way of elevating and serving those who connect with her. She was my very first Kundalini Yoga teacher and is an inspiration to work with.” Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

Guruatma is a teacher and healer of the highest order; she is the embodiment of Yogi Bhajan’s teaching. She is the most respectful and graceful deliverer of this teaching that I can imagine. Guruatma provides more than a sympathetic ear; she also provides techniques whereby a person can gain control over one’s distress. Indeed, if a person allows Guruatma’s perfect faith inside, and follows her recommendations, I believe one will see one’s life experiences in a different and positive way. I think by her having perfect confidence in the teaching, she conveys this confidence. There is serenity about Guruatma, a quiet power, which is most reassuring. She understands what it is like to feel afraid, to feel powerless, to feel hopeless. Possibly she feels this way sometimes herself. She does not pretend to be ‘all-powerful’; she is a human being with the weaknesses of a human. But she knows with absolute certainty that there is a way out, a “way out of every block” as she says. She doesn’t just say this she lives this. I knew her in the depths of her private hell (serious illness); she never wavered in her faith or in the love with which she held the world. For all these reasons, I am very confident to recommend Guruatma, especially for a teaching position working with people who need to see that light in the darkness.” Ellen Rosner/Kartar Kaur, Educational Consultant New Jersey

I found Guruatma to be an invaluable wealth of knowledge who was indispensable to me both in obtaining my Level 1 Kundalini Yoga certification and in my ongoing task of learning and teaching the intricacies of KY. Her knowledge of the physical body and how KY works to heal and strengthen is unsurpassed by any other KY instructor in the Houston Metropolitan area. Guruatma’s own personal experience in healing through yoga makes her both an inspiration and compelling evidence of the worthiness of the science and her skills in applying them to particular situations.” Daljeet Kaur/Debera Salam, CPP & Author Houston, TX

Working with Guruatma Kaur has accelerated my personal growth by applying the technology of Kundalini Yoga. Her intensely focused style, clear communication, and intuitive insights are truly amazing. As a certified IKY teacher, I have worked with many wonderful teachers. Guruatma is one of the most impacting teachers I have been blessed to work with.

We all know Kundalini Yoga delivers results much faster than other forms of yoga. Guruatma is very comparable! Her ability to identify those areas a student needs to develop cuts through the noise and commotion and quickens personal development. I am so fortunate to have her as my teacher.” Anandjot S  Oregon City, OR

I like the way Guruatma teaches. She has a natural humbleness. She shares what she has lived and learned in an easy, delighted manner. I highly recommend her as a teacher.” S S Guru Karta Kaur Khalsa Houston, TX

You were always there, teaching through your example, through your sickness.” Hardev K, Artist and Teacher Houston, TX

My experience using the Prosperity techniques, mantras and meditations as taught to me by Guruatma were profound. Here is an example: in making my Living Vision Board, I unknowingly added a picture that had my future job’s name in it. Also, my life’s path unfolded as if I had rolled out a carpet. I continue to use the formula with the knowledge and understanding that the key to prosperity is in the commitment to the process. Guruatma is an exceptional teacher with the knowledge and experiences needed to explain and define the Kundalini technology as taught to her by Yogi Bhajan.” Kathe Forrest/Siri Kirn K,  Certified IKYTA Colorado

I appreciate Guruatma’s realistic approach and passion to teach the Science of this yoga. She provided me with a yogic framework of kriyas and meditations which addressed my personal goals and ambitions, so I could then implement into my own daily routine. She is a teacher who can teach her students that yoga can be a practical, scientific and an effective tool for every individual.” Rachael E, Architect New York, NY

The other thing you do is this.  When I’m in a bad mood or confused, or angry or doubting people, all I have to do is hear from you and I wake up and remember to be thoughtful, caring, grateful, forgiving – all the things that Buddhism taught me but I had forgotten.” Ted K Houston, TX

You can tell everybody you’re teaching a tree how to bend and be flexible since i’m so bloody tall. Haha.” Terence H Houston, TX 

Well, my humble opinion as a student, YOUR KY student. YOU got me hooked to KY and moving forward in my spiritual life…I think your prices are worth it. With your years of personal experience with all this, and the PROOF that YOU can do the kriyas and kick all of our butts, too, is amazing.” Anonymous

You always teach a yoga set that is perfect for my day.” Hana B, Artist  Houston TX

People are looking to connect to their heart’s higher being and most of all to their divine truth. What better person to help people get there than your wonderful presence – you are   a jewel.” Birgitt H, Wellness Coach & Personal Trainer Houston, TX

I really enjoy going to Guruatma’s class because every class is different and I learn so much from her and the group. I’m always curious about what might be next.” Christopher O, Artist/Hairdresser Houston, TX

What I love about working with Guruatma is that she goes straight to the heart of the matter. I get tools to use right away and ideas to chew on for a while until I finally have that A-ha moment. Then I go back and learn some more. Guruatma’s sense of humor and honesty inspire me to keep up in my own life.” Dorothy L/Jai Dev K Georgetown, TX

My personal experience in this class was enriching, informative; and the energy Guruatma facilitates is wholly positive and moving!” Anthony Houston, TX

Thank you for your enthused teaching spirit; it’s a blessing being a part of your yoga class. Thank you for being here to guide me, and people like me.” Shenaz, Public School Teacher Houston, TX

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