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Six Stages Program Testimonials

leaves of birch and water

leaves of birch and water

Six Stages Testimonials

“That (Six Phases) is fabulous and very accurate. I think she will be very successful.”

Dr. Siri Atma Singh Khalsa

Internal Medicine, California

“I’m honored that I got a preview of your important work and I look forward to meeting with you and discussing it.

Your phases and points felt like a natural progression for one who has decided to become present for their health challenge and life changes that will ensue.  Some of these points are more profound in their implications than initially meets the eye and are still providing me food for thought.

It’s a wonderful service to those of us who suffer our diseases silently because we feel misunderstood by western medicine.

I cannot express the amount of love and gratitude I have for you and how you’ve helped me along my path of awakening.  It truly is a miracle that I resonated with Kundalini yoga at age 60 and that I have continued to pursue it.  It’s because beautiful people like you put me in touch with previously forgotten and ignored parts of me.  You are showing me how to reawaken my energies and appreciate the unique person I am.

Life has become more beautiful to me as I glimpse the Divine in all life around me.  I too look forward to entering the Aquarian Age, hand in hand, with you my beloved Guruatma.

Liv Singh – Dr Louis Puig, Texas


“I really love what you are doing.  The Yogic Tools for Chronic & Critical Illness are excellent. Really lovely.

Reading over it made me feel like you give people the permission to be where they are in a process, and to feel okay about it.
Plus to see a positive way to go in what is happening to them.
I wish I could fly you around the country to teach people!
I will continue to spread your good word whenever I can.

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