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“Guruatma, quite simply, carried me through the most traumatic period of my life. Due to ongoing facial reconstruction surgeries secondary to a serious diagnosis I was often overcome with fear, shock and trauma for almost two years. While I had to deal with the terror of each surgery, loss of employment, strains on my family and loss of social life as I knew it,  it was the loss of faith in a benevolent Universe that was most upsetting to me….Read More

“Thank you so much for your wisdom, compassion, humor, and just being in the moment with and for me. I feel lighter and clearer and empowered to take hold of this tragic event which has shaken me to my core.  Dorothy S Houston TX 4-25-14

I laughed out loud in relief and understanding with your message about blessing the pills.  You totally turned my perspective around.  You are amazing!” Julie Houston, TX

…she is incredible, and i love her with all of my heart..she gives and gives and gives, directly and sincerely delivering exactly what you need….an authentic and very human teacher, just by being, she has taught so much..i can only speak for myself, but suspect it to be true for many people, that the course of my life would be very different without having met her  …she has endlessly helped to re-open my heart and to get back in touch with life (thank you Guruatma..words fall short of expressing my gratitude for you being you) : )” Jaapjeet K/Stephanie F Houston, TX

I recently experienced an individualized session with Guruatma and it was extraordinary. I was seeking a new approach to deal with some old family baggage and needing a new way forward, an alternative to the usual psychological therapies.

She has provided me with a program of meditation, yoga, music, and more, which is opening me to healing in tectonic ways.

Guruatma is attentive, tuned in to others, caring, enthusiastic about people’s growth. I feel really good just being in her presence. She is genius and generosity in pure form.” Julie Houston, TX

After 30 years of traditional therapy and the best that psychopharmacology had to offer, my mood swings and chronic depression were under control.  My ADHD was manageable.  But, I was not happy.  Why?  Because my true self was still trapped behind the defense mechanisms I’d developed over the years, for protection in lieu of a healthy childhood and psyche.

My mentor at work referred me to Guruatma 18 months ago.  Her combination of yogic tools, acceptance and wisdom have allowed me to recognize the benefits of my difficult formative years, to identify the sources of my psychic pain, and then forgive and expunge them – and, to embrace who I am.

Working with Guruatma has helped me find peace in my personal life and has freed me to be assertive, without fear of retribution in my professional life.

The benefits of her counsel have caused friends, family, and co-workers to remark on the new self-confidence and inner peace, which are now the rule and not the exception in my life.

This is especially important since the last year has included the unexpected death of my husband, the birth of my first grandchild, and countless incidents at work where I was not treated fairly, yet was able to focus on my long-term goals, instead of being paralyzed by my grief or by the shame of being wrong.

Working with Guruatma has improved my life beyond my expectations and I would recommend her without reservation as an advocate of mind-body health, and as a gifted teacher with seemingly infinite resources of time-tested methods to achieve that health.” Michelle H  Bowie MD

I walked in with no agenda and you were able to guide the session exactly where it needed to go, to bring in what I needed at that moment to make change happen.  I don’t think that I would be acting with as much confidence in my life if it hadn’t been for you.  Many thanks.” Elaine L Houston TX  July 2012

I had a phone conversation with Guruatma, at a time where I was very confused and sad. The conversation, which she recorded and sent to me via e-mail, shone a new light on my thoughts. The great thing about this is that I keep listening and listening to this recording, and every time I hear something new or realize something that I hadn’t before.

Guruatma generously spent quality hours with me and her voice and her words still linger on…….in my head. I am thankful for the way she gives, listens and makes me see the truth; she taught me so much.” Sepi/Dharam Dhian  Vietnam

I came to Guruatma for healing and rejuvenation at a bleak period of my life. She helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually and has, since then, worked with me through various ‘troubled downturns’ in my life. With her massage therapy, her nutritional recommendations, yoga exercises, and her words of wisdom, love and guidance, my physical well-being was ensured and my upward spiritual journey enhanced. Her unique blend of caring, knowledge and intuition are needed at this time of healing and growth for individuals, and for the planet.” Dierdre Miano New Orleans, LA

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