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I highly recommend Guruatma’s yoga experiences to everyone, especially those experiencing health issues.

 I first met Guruatma many years ago when she was a participant in the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center Aquatic Program. At the time she was experiencing many health issues herself and was using the water to help improve her strength and mobility. She spent many, many hours of concentration and hard work in the water.

I admire her determination and her “never give up” spirit which makes her such a special person and a wonderful teacher. She is gentle, empathetic, open to alternative techniques, and has experienced the pain and frustration of health issues herself….all characteristics that will help her students reach their full wellness potential.” Brandee Tronstad BSN, ATRC (Aquatic Therapy & Rehabilitation Inst. Certif.)

For a couple of months, I have measured and recorded my blood pressure twice a day to see if there is a pattern.  From these measurements I have noticed that it takes about 24 hours for the numbers to change significantly.

The results for the last couple of days are 132/83  then 140/83 and this morning 146/89.   Then, I came to chair yoga, where we exercised and then you played the gong for us (which I loved).  I stopped at the grocery store and then came home. I thought I would take my blood pressure again just to see if it was going up or down.   Surprise, surprise. At 1:00pm today my blood pressure was 125/79. Amazing!  Thank you for all that you do. Love always.” Pat L.

I never thought I would like yoga until I met you. You are a very special teacher.  I can concentrate when you talk, and that’s very important in yoga.  I found meditation to be very helpful to my eyes.” Una L (one of the blind students in our class)”

When chronic illness is present we can feel limited in our lives.  Our lives are full of can’ts.  I had tried various kinds of yoga before but did not benefit because I could not do most of the poses. Kundalini chair yoga is different.  It is all about energy, breathing, and intention.  I CAN do this and I feel the benefit.” Pat L June 2012  

I am currently a graduate student and am studying to become an occupational therapist. I attended the Chair Yoga Class at the Adaptive Recreational Center as part of a school project and was moved by Guruatma’s story. The fact that she was once in the position of several of her students and took advantage of the aquatic classes and yoga classes at the center for her own recovery provides her student’s with hope, motivation, and the inspiration to be active participants of their own recovery.

The class not only acts as a tool for gaining physical strength, but it also promotes an individuals overall health and well-being. It was apparent that many of the students were regulars and found the class to be a meaningful occupation and enjoyed the social and interactive aspects of the class as well.I would love to attend another class and really enjoyed watching the way the students lit up as they entered the class.” Stacey Rauch Houston, TX

I have been Mrs. Khalsa’s physical therapist for the past 6 years. Mrs. Khalsa has made a remarkable recovery from a very devastating disease. During this recovery, she played a major roll in adapting her therapy program. It was through her vast knowledge of yoga that we developed specific exercise to meet her specific needs. I hope that Mrs. Khalsa can use her knowledge of yoga combined with her knowledge of the muscular skeletal system to help others. i would feel confident recommending her for a job teaching yoga to those medically challenged.” Kathryn Dickson MSPT St Joseph Medical Center, Houston, TX April 2008

I was in the hospital for ten days, and what I learned in chair yoga was very helpful to me.  Thank you very much.” Beatrice G.

It’s like a shot in the arm; it really is!  It’s like a dose of medicine.” Desiree B.

Yoga has helped my tight muscles.  I don’t feel tightness and I can sleep better.” Mary Ann S.

Class rocked today!  Yes, what an awesome class!  I found myself so very present in each moment during yoga class. With Guruatma’s guidance, self example, and passionate energy, my mind did not wander to self critique nor other ego driven distractions. Passionate enthusiasm is shared and, enthusiasm is said to signify God within.

Pain has been the primary distraction in my life, as of late, resulting in such physical limitations. I have not shopped in a store in well over a year or more, because of the pain walking results in.

So today, I was gifted a newly reclaimed ability beyond all of the limitations that have become my daily existence since the accident. Today I WALKED with my grandchildren through a lovely stretch of the park – a significant amount of walking and there was little pain. I took it slow, yes. But truly, I was ABLE, and ABLE to accept whatever presented itself, whether limited or expanded.

I shared with a friend that it was the Yoga class that I attended today that brought about this transformation. Going from: any short walking resulting in feeling the deep pain of my back seeming to collapse upon itself or, my feet feeling as if I am walking on open wounds, and the tears that often followed, to: walking with relative ease and, for a meaningful distance. How blessed am I!” Janet M.  5-18-12

I am an Enrolled Agent and this past tax season was one of the most grueling I have yet to experience. I embraced it.  I interacted with so many types of personalties, most of which were stressed, anxious and many, unpleasant. It was my goal from the outset of the season that no matter what, I would serve each and every individual with accuracy, efficiency AND as if I were the person sitting on the other side of the desk. The fundamentals of Kundalini yoga that I have learned in Chair Yoga class helped me to enjoy a record-breaking and most profitable tax season. SAT NAAM” Desiree B.

Yoga is so important for recovery.  I first met Guruatma in the pool.  Even though I am in a wheelchair, I can still attend yoga.” Julie C  6-5-12 (In 1998, my physical therapy program with the county hospital system included water/pool therapy at the city center where i now teach yoga.  Julie was one of the first people I met and, now she comes to my yoga class – she taught me all about GRATITUDE!)

When I first came to yoga, I did not know what to expect. My conditions include heart issues, diabetes, blood pressure and kidney issues. After awhile, I find that the things that help me most are Spinal Flex, hands together at the heart center and, the most important is the breathing.  I find that I use the Yogic Breathing several times during the day, to great advantage. Chair Yoga is wonderful for those of us how are challenged in some way or other.” Gerald C.

You asked us a question in class.  You said, ‘Check in with, listen to your body – what is it saying to you?’  My body was saying, ‘Thank you for coming!!” Sand H.

It’s a different kind of energy; it’s a good energy.” Ana C.

I had a stroke in 1992. I tried all kinds of therapy but my strength only recovered partially. I tried to get lessons in yoga that I could do with my limitations, but the yoga school explained to me that they could not help me because it was strenuous exercises. When I started yoga with Guruatma, I found I could do yoga with my limitations.” Harish S.

Recently, I had a CT scan, and while lying there I began to feel anxious. But, I could hear you saying “keep up, Beatrice” and I was able to compose my self and finish the procedure. Thanks for all your help!!  Sat Nam.” Beatrice G.

Thank you for making myself and my grand-daughter feel very welcomed into your class. You are truly a God Send and one of the most dynamic people-person’s I have met in my almost-60 years. With severe lymphedema, rheumatoid arthiritis (take monthly rheumacaid I.V. treatments) and a partial left shoulder replacement, I have many medical problems, just like the majority of our class. Since loosing 98% of my blood relatives, including a son, I was in a depression rut, not being able to find support from anywhere. I have been blessed to find a good support group for persons who have lost children and family members and, now I have found you. Such a powerful and positive force and, I thank you.” Lasundra M. 4-12

Coming to this class gives me focus, balance and calm.” Anonymous

Yoga class lowered my blood pressure and, because of the exercise with tightening and squeezing the muscles (root lock), I do not get up during the night to go to the restroom.  The class is very relaxing.” Barbara C.

I like the philosophy of yoga. I hold my breath a lot and yoga helps me remain conscious of my breath.  The breathing exercises and stretching in the chair are excellent.” Debbie P.

When Guruatma explains an aspect of yoga, it makes me wish I had never missed one of her classes.” Tom H.

Ya know what I like about it most?  It helps me integrate my body and mind, and remember that they are one.  I think in America, we think that the mind is some kind of special thing in a jar and we forget that the brain is the control center of the whole body, whether we are aware of it or not. And yoga makes us conscious of that. So many of us develop behaviors when we were small children and, those strategies are still controlling us.” DaVee A.

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the class and what an excellent teacher you are.  You are sincerely interested in helping your students.” Anonymous

I am an above-the-knee amputee. The classes have expanded and improved the way I breathe. This is very important since learning to walk unassisted requires a tremendous amount of energy. The exercises, specifically meditation, help increase focus and concentration. I am able to direct energy forces to whatever part of the body requires attention. I cannot wait until Fridays for class. I hate to miss class because I know I am missing an application in my quest to go to the next level. Spiritually, the peace I feel within helps me to be more understanding and loving as a human being.” Desiree B.

Since attending class, the numbness in my fingers and hands has subsided, tremendously. When I went for my physical, my blood pressure was good.  In the past, I would get up 2-3 times during the night. Now, I sleep undisturbed the entire night.” Magdalena T.

My balance has improved when I sit and walk.” Carl M.

Class feels good!” Kevin M.

This method is stimulating to the muscles. Yoga and breathing deeper has helped my health and shown me ways to control my body.  My balance has improved.” Rose D.

Yoga has given me better posture and helped my inside organs.” Renaldo F.

My cardiologist is so happy I’m taking this yoga class. She said the breathing is great, and yoga gets rid of stress and tension that you don’t know you have. We all know stress and tension are not friends of the heart. Sometimes, I am so relaxed in class, I almost get too calm.” Wanda M.

You help me to be calm, relax me, make me sleep sound, and concentrate better.” Albert R.

With Guruatma’s instruction I was able to direct my own healing energy to my heart and arthritic hands.” Pat C.

Guruatma treats each student as an individual and uses a positive approach to encourage and motivate.  She is a caring and intuitive teacher who gently brings out the best in her students.  Being a member of her class has been a special experience.” Bette L.

I am very happy and always looking forward to Fridays. I am extremely happy and enjoying it, especially because I have realized I can do yoga exercises – thanks to Guruatma’s sincerely assisting us.” Anonymous

The Yoga class is an enlightening experience and a powerful component in working toward optimum health. I always feel I have made a wonderful investment in myself. My yoga class is like feeding myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.” Jan S.

Since starting yoga in September I have noticed a change in my sleeping habit. Also, I am calmer and peaceful, now. I am noticing my body/mind connection.” Anonymous

I feel good when I do KY   :  ))”  Margaret H.

The Breath and Breathing we do in yoga has cleared my lungs.  I am now working on other body parts! From my world of curiosity to a world of healing, learning and doing.  Knowledge and awareness are a divine blessing.” B. L.

I felt so blessed to be a part of your class and to witness your powerful energy.  I visited your website and was deeply touched by your journey; it gave me great hope that I can participate in reinventing my body to a wholeness that I have not know since I first practiced yoga, as you said, in the womb as a fetus. Well I am definitely in that fetal state at present. Thank you so much for this work you do. The center is a lovely facility and I plan to utilize it fully.” Janet M.

“Truly, what your board title could encompass is – healing guide and mentor. I think of you often as I know you do me. I am beginning to FEEL the ground I am gaining, not simply treading any longer. Hope to see you soon and keep steady on your walk. I am steadying. I have been keeping eyes on your blog and website – you are truly making space for amazing things to manifest each moment for yourself and so many others. You gently scatter crumbs of commonality and wisdom, ever humble yet bold in your conviction.  Janet M.  3-20-14

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