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“…a pool of solutions and suggestions…” for hospitalization during the recovery process in a critical illness

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Today, September 2014, I enjoy the freedom of walking freely on this earth. It was not so four years ago, when I had a devastating accident in which a truck hit me on the driver’s side of my own truck, breaking my hip, pelvis and femur and in five places. It took me 6 month to go back to work.

At the time, I had been a yoga student at Yoga Central, the 3HO Kundalini Yoga Ashram in Houston, TX, and was attending regularly the 6am class. I was close to my teacher, Guruatma Khalsa.

I was so surprised when in the daze of the firsts days after the accident, to see her walk in to my room, with her positive allure and, as usual, full of energy and making the air reverberate.

That was not her first and only visit. She came periodically with her wonderful husband, annointing with their presence my dull life full of the drudgery to learn how to walk and be in the world again.

Her suggestions ranged to all aspects of my condition and how to survive the hospital – small things that made a big difference. It was so life changing! Her experience in so many hospitalizations and medical journeys created for her a pool of solutions and suggestions of which I became the beneficiary. Simple things, like what side of the room should be the bed, she brought in a stiff plastic basket to put at the side of my bed so I could handle my paperwork and personal items.

She gifted me with her long, fresh and colorful sweater that I could wear to the therapy sessions; she suggested supplements I could take to improve the healing of my bones; she supported me in stopping my vegetarian diet, temporarily, to again, help me regain my health and survive the hospital.

I would not be today walking with such zest if it was not for her support and for her 6 am classes which I have attended all these years after the accident (with minor setbacks). Her teaching, which many a days I thought it was the perfect set I needed (thinking she had chosen it especially for me only later to find out the several of her students thought the same), has taken me from practicing on a chair to today, where I practice with a Padmani Pillow.

I know it will take me to the floor soon.

Guruatma’s hands-on support, her encouragement and all the practical tips and yogic healing technology she shared with me during my recuperative journey were such a big help, and here I am walking today on mother earth!

Thanking her for her guidance and her friendship is but a small thing to do compared to the gifts she has given me.

Thanks so much !!!!!!!!!!!


Hana B Oct 2014

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  1. looking forward to more from you – thank you.

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