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musician with chronic & critical illness feels too tired to sing


a lady wrote to me and reported that she’s been feeling so bad for so long that she’s no longer inspired to do the thing she most loves and excels at – she’s a singer; that’s her gift!

she asked, “Why do I resist?”

feeling baffled is normal to those of us who have been fighting for a long time with a chronic illness
i want to start by affirming you for the unenthusiastic and kinda-paralyzed state you’re in, and acknowledge you for what you’re feeling
i sense your pain and exhaustion and just wanted to share with you that i believe there’s a way out of it
the psychic dynamics of  living with constant discomfort and pain can weave itself into a strong and powerful energy pattern, constructing its own nerve-pathway in our brain – kinda like the needle getting stuck on the record player and the song just keeps repeating itself over and over
the brain learns and memorizes the pattern and wha-laa – broken record syndrome.  a force to contend with and thus the resistance you are experiencing
perhaps you could start with just 3 minutes of singing each day
how ’bout 1 MINUTE – do you think you could try that?
nothin fancy-pants; just open up your mouth and belt something out to exercise your diaphragm and open up your lungs, get the pranic life-force moving in your heart center and throat chakras
think about committing to singing just 3 mins/day for 40 days – that would be your meditation
it takes 40 days to break a habit pattern but i bet your spirit would jump up and grow with it right away
and if you just can’t manage to sing, how bout this:
repeat or sing this positive affirmation OUT LOUD for 3 minutes/day:


there’s a hand position with it – the right thumb and pinkie are together, the left thumb and ring finger are together, hands held out in front of your body with the arms bent at the elbow

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The neural pathways in patients with chronic pain become hypersensitive to pain.

One way to decrease pain is to increase the amount of information traveling down a shared neural pathway, effectively diluting the pain information.

Increasing physical activity, such as yoga, produces this effect.

KRI INternational Teachers Training Manual

Tiredness does not come from the adrenal glands. That is the biggest mistake in the medical field. Tiredness comes from your Pranic Body not working. The Pranic Body is your diaphragm.

When you open up the diaphragm, when you get the diaphragm flexed out, the Pranic Body starts working and there is no more tiredness.  

Dr GCS Khalsa


The way to deal with pain is to reduce the signal to the brain which is done by MEDITATION!, yoga, diet and nutrition, etc.

SatSiri Sumler, LMT, NCTMB, RYT, MTI 

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