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lupus foundation support group took me in


the lupus foundation people helped me so much – the staff, and especially the people who were challenged by this disease and their spouses

they accepted me in the first place because I had a rare disease (relapsing polychondritis) that didn’t have a support group

it was my first experience of ‘belonging’ to a new family of like-circumstance. i was desperate and they opened the door and took me in – a HUGE shift in my journey that helped the ‘flailing about’ component that was now my life

they gave me a workbook to follow to begin the process of acquiring a Fully-Favored Disability Status

i remember one woman who came to the meetings and needed to rest her head on the table we were gathered around, because she was so weak.  her husband sat right next to her and i’ll never forget his eyes and face and body-language – with all due respect, like who am i to judge him, i sensed he felt paralyzed

…will speak further on this topic in the future, but this was the only blog that did not transfer over to my new website and i definitely wanted to display it

thank you so much,

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