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…on having someone with you before and after surgery.


Thank you for writing this Guest Blog, Joyce – and remember that you turned the favor around and helped me with my foot surgery last Fall!  You really helped me relax and just be the patient.

My thoughts on having a friend with you for appointments and hospital procedures and my expression of gratitude to my friend:

 A year ago, I had my left knee replaced due to arthritic joint disintegration.  Many times since , I have thought about how much it meant to me to have a friend not only offer to  drive me to the hospital for the surgery, but also to offer to stay at the hospital and wait for me to return safely to my room and get settled in.  
As if her offer to drive me wasn’t enough, I could not believe she would take time from her busy schedule to wait several hours to make sure I was OK.  I felt it was a terrible imposition on her, but she insisted and said she could easily find something to keep her occupied.
 When she picked me up about 6:00 am (!). I could feel my nerves calming as I knew  my friend was sharing this experience with me and I did not have to go through it alone.  My attention was diverted from myself and the impending surgery,and the fears that go with that, to how thoughtful she was to “take care” of me.  (I still felt guilty because I am a very controlling person and find it difficult to surrender my care to another – but that’s another story).  We got to the hospital, she found a place to park in the stress inducing maze of parking garages and in we went.  By now, I normally would have been filled with anxiety, but having my friend there beside me made it seem like “no big deal”;  that I was not doing this alone.
  We were directed where to go and shortly I was in pre-op and she was allowed to be with me.  We joked and passed the time while I was hooked up.  My friend has spent many hours as a patient in a hospital setting so she was familiar with most of what was going on and her presence and support made me feel so much more relaxed – which, I am certain,  helped me to a quick recovery.  As I was taken to the operating room , my friend went to my room, continually inquired as to my progress, and waited.  Several hours later, I was back in my room and there she was, big smile on her face,  welcoming me to begin my recovery.
 My confidence was up, my self healing could begin and I knew she would be there for me.  I can’t say enough about having someone take you and wait while you are receive medical care.
 By the way, my friend’s name is Guruatma Khalsa and she is “the real deal”, a truly caring person.
Thank you for all you do.
Joyce A.

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