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multiple surgeries – what to do in-between surgeries

i just received this from one of my yoga students who is recuperating from major surgery and soon to have another (one month in-between):

Your concern means a lot to me.  I am fine and have started my physical thereapy practice every day.

I wanted to ask you what do you suggest to increase energy. That is my need – to increase my level of energy.

here was my answer:

thank you for asking and, as usual, i will encourage you/direct you to your Self for that answer

you are a yogi and, you already know to deeply listen to your body’s messages and obey them because, that’s where our truth-FULL answers lie

i believe the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that your body is right now in a SUPREME HEALING-MODE and,especially because you have another surgery coming right up, to rest rest rest rest rest

try to do one very pranic thing a day – aim to get your breath, body and psyche stimulated.  in some way ‘stir things up’ and have a refreshing mini-event every day – like soaking up some sun and fresh air for a moment or, peeking at the stars in the nite, call a friend, do art, ask someone to bring you a treat to eat

practicing ‘breath of fire’ will purify the toxins from the drugs- even one minute a day will be so beneficial!  work up to 3 mins or, do 3 sets of 1 minute each

and, when you are awake, just keep moving about your home, tending to your needs and doing your Physical Therapy program – good for you to hold to that discipline!

how does that sound?

compare/compete/confuse – remember, never look back and tomorrow is a new day

this is a very fragile/vulnerable/tender/special/transitional/’guarded’ healing event/era in your life

allow it

bless it

focus on your gratitudes and congratulate your body for ‘keeping up’ with this challenge

ask for help when/where you need it and, allow others to serve you – it is their honor and blessing 

eat pranic/’life-force’ foods and LAUGH with your friends  : -)

meditate and be in peace with all what it is and what it is not

sending my love and thanks for including me in your process

ps – try to arrange for a foot rub.  anyone can do that for you – they don’t need to be a professional massage person.  you lay down in bed or on the couch and put your feet in their lap, or you sit in a chair and they sit on the floor.  use lotion or almond oil (or olive oil)

Jul 19, 2012 11:52 AM

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