Guruatma K Khalsa

healing from the inside out

breath awareness – how can the average person use breath awareness?

well, i know that working with our breath can elevate us out of any mood swing.  when you are having a hard time, probably the last thing in the world you are going to be thinking about of is whether or not you are breathing.  that’s why it’s my highest projection to always be in a state of awareness of my breath, and when it happens it is a beautiful thing!  the longer i have practiced yoga and mediation, the more often it happens for me.   i can only speak for myself and say that the times that i am noticing that i am breathing at all, i am reminded that there is a source of that breath that is trusting me with yet another one, and giving it to me as a gift. i might make a different choice in the moment that i am consciously receiving, feeling, working and being with that privilege and gift.  we all know that there is no store in the whole world where we can buy this precious commodity.  breath awareness offers me choices and freedom from acting, speaking or thinking from a limited or binding point of view


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