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“I’m as flexible as a steel pipe!” – his QUESTION/my ANSWER


Well, i’ve started a yoga dvd recently and i must add, I’m as flexible as a steel pipe!!?! The physicality i understand alot more than the spirituality part of it. Any idea how to focus a bit more? I’m not convinced to go somewhere and pay to attend sessions just yet.

…so, i see you are already are a yogi – because you stretched beyond and conquered your resistance, bought a yoga dvd, sat down and began making the investigation.  good for you and good for your question – learning is never a weakness!

my suggestion is to keep up with your practice and not judge it, your flexibility factor.  just BE with your Self where you are at, allow it, and have fun with it – “compare/compete/confuse”  yb

yoga acts as a mirror.  breathing and moving through the postures shows you where you’re at, at the moment.  your job is to notice and pay attention to the places where you feel you need support and the places that you can tell you need to open.  that is what to focus on – yoga postures give you immediate feedback.  learn from your Self – you are your own best teacher!

concentrate on your breath pattern and the sensations in your body – what’s happening?  are you breathing?

expand and make your breath deeper on either side – pull in your belly to fully contract the diaphragm and empty the lungs (expelling carbon dioxide and negativity) on the exhale and inhale deeply, asking yourself, “is there more? is there more?” until your lungs are really filled up with oxygen and fresh life-force

wherever you’re at in your process is perfect.  start by accepting that to be true to you NOW. allow it and you will naturally expand – therein lies your spirituality

i was so happy you wrote to me – keep me posted, let me know how it goes for you

and, check out our yoga website at  – you’ll find many suggestions and tools, beautiful music and like-community to support and deepen your yogic journey


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