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Stage Six: Re-Entry

Stage Six: Re-Entry

For some people, the process of facing death leads to the end of their journey in this life. For others, the intense storm passes. The medications, therapies, self-care, intention and prayer have brought them to the other side. Now there is the opportunity to build a new life.

I accept that my life is permanently changed by the course of this illness.

Coming through the storm, there is an evaluation process. How has my body been permanently altered by the illness? Are there drugs I will need to take for the rest of my life? There may be grief and post-traumatic stress (PTS) issues to deal with. There is an exhaustion factor. There may be feelings of loneliness and a struggle to reconnect with everyday life. There are self-identity issues.

As you re-enter life, assess the damage and identify what it is you need to learn to live with and what you can work on and heal. “The process of self-healing is the privilege of every human being.”  More on I accept that my life is permanently changed.

I create and commit to a daily health routine that works for me.

Now you can move out of emergency mode into a gentle and realistic maintenance routine. There is a sense of empowerment because you have survived. You have faced death and now a new world is opening up for you. You can rebuild and regain your vitality, taking your self-care to a new level.  Self-healing is not a miracle. It is a set of agreements that you make with yourself. You find and experiment with new activities that allow you to integrate into the community. Try out some of the many tools available to help rejuvinate yourself!  More on I create and commit to a daily health routine.

I allow myself to continue to heal and transform at the soul level.

To have come this far, you have most likely experienced the deep guidance and support of your inner-most being, your soul. You are redefining your life from the soul level, engaging the emotional and spiritual issues that have come to the surface during your illness. You develop new skills to integrate the mind, body and spirit into one healthy, co-creative identity. You refine your relationship with your Spirit as you feel and understand it.  And there is a victory to celebrate!  More on I allow myself to continue to heal and transform.

“I feel better. I am better. And that is my base.”

You have been working on yourself physically, mentally and spiritually and by now, you have defined what an authentically healthy life is for you. Your experience has brought about a new understanding of the responsibility you have to take really good care of yourself. You’ve learned to balance the recommendations of good doctors with trust in your intuition – this sense of inner balance becomes your new definition of health. And, you are committed to a personal program that keeps your life in that balance. Even in the midst of great challenge, well-being and peace are possible. You feel closer to and better about your Self, therefore you ARE better.  More on I feel better.

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