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Stage One: Am I Really Sick?

Image 18Stage One: Am I Really Sick?

Prior to being diagnosed with a chronic or critical illness, something may not feel right in your body and your whole life becomes affected by this. Even though you sense it strongly, it may not be obvious to those around you.

All I know is what I feel.

Learning to listen to yourself and trust what you hear when you listen is essential. Your body is sending you messages that you need to listen to and respect.  More on All I know is what I feel.

All the people in my life evaluate and understand the circumstances I am challenged by from their own point of view.

It can become very challenging for the people around you to adjust and adapt to what is happening to you and what is happening to them because of your condition. The challenge is how to handle the doubts, questions and reactions of your family, friends, and sometimes even your doctors. There is a way to separate your experience from their experience, to respect what is inside you, while realizing that there is a limit to what those you come in contact with can understand.  More on All the people in my life…

Is there a medical diagnosis that matches what I am experiencing?

Now, you’re looking for facts and answers to your questions.  You will be engaging with the medical establishment to determine if you do have a medically recognized disease. Along with going the route of mainstream medicine, you may find yourself investigating alternative medicine like acupuncture and applied kiniseology.

There is also the possibility for being repeatedly misdiagnosed before finding a diagnosis that matches what your symptoms are telling you. In some cases, you may not find a diagnosis.  More on Is there a medical diagnosis?


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