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Stage Four: Episodes of Intense Sickness

IMG_2888Stage Four: Episodes of Intense Sickness

Like a real bad storm, chronic and critical illness can include intense, and potentially dangerous phases. Sometimes, intense sickness does not come for a while; sometimes, it happens right away. Stages Four and Five deal with the depth of the storm.

The suffering is true.

You may experience loss with your physical body. For instance, you may lose one or more of your five senses. A gland, a major body organ or even an entire system of the body may stop functioning. There will be a loss of freedom. You may have to deal with new and unbearable symptoms or side effects from the drugs. It seems like the pace will never let up and the pressure can feel unbearable. The key to surviving these traumas is to acknowledge that you are suffering. Then, you have choices about what to do with the conditions that suffering brings to your awareness. More on The Suffering is true.

Quality of Life issues are my top priority.

Listening to your body and intuition are essential to having quality in your life, even in the midst of sickness.  Whatever input you receive from others, remember that your choices are ultimately up to you. Do a reality check and identify what you can handle and what you can do. Ideally, everyone in your life, including your doctors and loved ones, will support your choices. More on Quality of Life issues are my top priority.

I can find one thing to be grateful for today.

Even in the depth of the storm, there is the possibility to choose not to suffer and to find something to be grateful for.  When a person can notice something positive in the darkest moments of life, that is the greatest victory of human consciousness.  You can create that victory and enjoyment for yourself. More on I can find one thing to be grateful for today.

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