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Stage Five: Facing Death

Image 16Stage Five: Facing Death

When faced with chronic and critical illness, you may start thinking about death and dying. The truth is, we are all going to leave this body behind, and that can happen at any moment. No one knows when they will take their last breath, but when grappling with a serious illness, you have the opportunity to look death in the face and prepare for it.

My fear of death is normal and it is what I need to face now.

The thought of death can be very frightening for some people. When you think about death, it makes you look at your life and ask, “Did I do what I came here to do?” Facing the fear of death gives you a chance to evaluate and make peace with the choices you made in your life. Take this opportunity to investigate the process of death. Doing this will lessen your fear and help you relax. More on My fear of death is normal.

I work to release my attachments and my hopes for the future.

Everything is energy. Herein, you have the opportunity to devote yourself to the natural process in dying of letting go of those you love and your plans for the future. Death is the process of the body shutting down and the mind detaching from the reality it currently perceives. As you surrender your hold on life, the indefatigable Spirit within rises up to carry the soul on its final journey. More on I work to release my attachments.

I get my personal and legal affairs in order, asking for help if I need it.

When dealing with death, there are many important legal issues to address such as creating a Medical Directive or a Do-Not-Resusciate (DNR) Order, and making sure your Last Will and Testament is in order. You make clear the instructions you wish to be followed if you become incapacitated or for when you die. More on I get my affairs in order.

I create an altar in honor of my death and refer to it for inspiration.

For many people, thoughts about death are intimately linked with their spiritual beliefs. It can be very healing to create a visual, tangible representation of what you believe the spiritual journey through death and beyond means to you. Acceptance and forgiveness are important elements of your work with your altar, and here also you have the opportunity to offer your fears and concerns, your intentions and prayers.

No matter how much pain or suffering is involved in your illness and until the breath is gone, every day of your life is full of opportunity coming to you one precious breath at a time, connecting you to infinite potential and possibility of how to spend that moment. The gesture of creating and maintaining your altar helps inspire you to live your breaths consciously and in gratitude. More on I create an altar.

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