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healing from the inside out

blind, deaf, mute, amputee, paralysis, etc etc etc – what are you most grateful for?

Unknown-1if you were to ask me what i am most grateful for, i useta woulda said my eyes

someone asked Helen Keller if she would rather be deaf or blind (can ya ba-leeve they actually asked her THAT!) and she said, in a blink (no pun intended), she would choose to be blind.  she said, “Blindness separates you from ‘things’ and deafness separates you from people.”

i so agree with that as i live in a constant state of battling it out with chemotherapy-induced, bi-lateral, profound hearing loss – deafness really does skip a whole lot of human-interaction information right over my head

i spend a great deal of my energy internally counseling myself that it’s ok if i missed this, that and everything else that i don’t pick up on in the hearing world, especially where human voices enter the picture

being late-deafened has certainly given me a priceless advantage, because i own a 45-yr -old memory bank of all the gross and subtle facets of communication within the english language but, there’s so many things that i just can’t catch (like all the jokes that are shot and dropped out there at such high speed – bummer)

i tell people it’s like playing 3-D SUDAKO all day long, trying to fill in the blanks and beat the clock, while holding back from guessing it wrong and catching up from blowing it – all at the same time

…ANYWAY, what prompted this blog was my realization, this morning, that i had changed my mind about what i am most grateful for

hands down (pun intended), today i declare my hands which happen to have my fingers attached on one end and my arms on the other, get my ‘two thumbs up’ vote

even when i take a nap, i have my vibrating timer tucked into one of my hands and when i’m up and zooming around, i can’t think of one thing that i do that does not require my hands to be serving me

let’s ‘have a hand’ for this lovely day full of the sounds of thunder thundering and fan motors whirring the ac about and, busy hands producing blogs

Jul 19, 2012 3:39 PM

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