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Gluten/Processed-Sugar/Dairy-Free Diet for Autoimmune Disorders – my experience


47a3cf27b3127cce9854937f1e3a00000038100AauGzdq1ctG2AAlthough it’s a new challenge to have on your plate (pun intended), changing my diet and going gluten, processed-sugar and dairy-free is one of the biggest things I did that helped me attain a state of remission with the autoimmune disease I’m challenged by (Relapsing Polychondritis) since I was 19 years old read my bio

I think the whole idea is to not be adding any more potentially-reactive agents to the body that the immune system could/would register to be an enemy – because then, since it’s the latest thing we’re introducing into our bodies (by consuming it), the immune system gets all distracted and busy protecting us from this threat, and the underlying problems get put off to the side.

So, I think of it (going gluten/sugar/dairy-free) as at least not adding more logs to the fire and at most, befriending my body.

If you decide to go gluten free (a new thing to many of us), there are many on-line, gluten-free support groups.

My fav book on gluten-free living is Wheat Free, Worry Free – The Art of Happy, Healthy, Gluten-Free Living by Dana Kornwith good explanations that I can well-understand, Forbidden and Allowed Foods lists, lots of recipes, etc, etc.


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