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healing from the inside out

reduce inflammation and nerve pain with a gentle tool – earthing pads work for me!


in answer to your request for gentle healing ideas, i encourage you to consider THIS:

i’m not saying that whatever it is that you are challenged by is the same as what I am challenged by, but I discovered, by my experience of it, that it’s good for inflammation and nerve pain

ya just gotta read about it on the website and see if you can find yourself in there

it runs along the same line as walking out on the grass with bare feet, there being a huge regenerative/re-cooperative energy available through the earth plane’s magnetic field (or, whatever-all is the technology; i didn’t read the book that came with it)

this is what i am now doing and IT REALLY HAS HELPED ME – like, delivered me to a non-suffering state of affairs in the physical body arena

i have an earthing pad under my keyboard and i sleep on an earthing sheet

why i turned to this technology, as strange/weird as it seemed to me, is because i was desperate

doing yoga 6 days/wk and being in the pool 3 times/wk has been my pain medication for years, now, but over time, that nice arrangement started to not be enough

i was desperate enough to go to my rheumatologist and ask for a drug recommendation becaue i had gotten to the point where it even became a “quality of life” issue for me, that i was suffering with the condition of the peripheral neuropathy in my feet (side-effects of 5 yrs of low-dosage chemo and long-term prednisone use) and

my joints were talking to me TOO LOUD all day long – the condition was actually holding me down (not an option)

and, other physical challenges that are on my plate were “getting to me”

my doctor knows i fought long and hard to become drug-free so, she knew it was serious that i was in there, asking for help, investigating drug solutions

she prescribed a low dosage of a drug called gabapentin, a nerve- pain blocker

i took one look at the side-effects and thew them in my drawer – no way jose!

my nutritionist recommended these earthing pads

what made me willing to try was that i saw the mri’s of people’s legs before using the pads/sheets and after – AMAZING color differences where the inflammation had significantly decreased!

my husband uses this technology and i just brushed it off as yet another one of the weird things that he does (sleep in our bed with a coiled wire that is plugged into the third hole/grounding wire outlet of the electrical socket next to our bed) – holy god, what next? : – )

anyway, i had immediate results and never am i thinking desperately, like i was – i am not comfortable but, i am not suffering

a friend of mine helped me, also – she gave me a pad with magnets in it to put under my feet

honest – i could tell the difference right away

go to and check it out

5-8-2012 guruatma

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