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Intro to Blog

Through my blog, i am sharing my 60 years of experience, and the tools for self-ga_butterfly-150x150management which lifted me out of this seemingly-hopeless ‘jungle of my own‘.

As a child, i was plagued by serious environmental allergies and herpes simplex (terrible canker sores).  by the time i got to college, the first manifestation of the very rare disease i am challenged by, Relapsing Polychondritis, ATE THE NOSE OFF MY FACE – my body attacks its own cartilage!

i have been deathly ill more times in my life than i can remember, and in 1995 i was given a 5 year prognosis – i was told to get my affairs in order and prepare for death

no doubt, we are crossing paths for some reason in the 2 of us that probably has a theme of chronic-critical illness, autoimmune disease, MISDIAGNOSIS, lower back pain, chemotherapy, prednisone, side-effects of drugs, the PAIN SYNDROME, peripheral neuropathy, severe depression, hypoglycemia, iritis, hearing loss, deafness, chronic fatigue, candida or any number of issues permeating these life-threatening arenas.

it is my projection that you will find SOMETHING VERY USEFUL and UPLIFTING to apply to your SELF and your circumstance.  it is my intention to support you along your path to self-healing, help you find balance, download your invincible spirit and feel peace.

i teach what i know.  i am a victor. I AM A LIFE, I AM, I AM

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