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healing from the inside out

for emotional crisis and also used for craving a cigarette – a quick breathing technique to pull you out of it


successful_nature_medthis quick breathing technique can be used anywhere, anytime for emotional meltdowns – it’s real easy and quick

it’s also used for those of us trying to break the cigarette habit.  when you’re craving a cigarette, try it 3 times and see if  you still feel like smoking.  if you do, do it a few more times and up to 10 times (never more than that, at one stretch)

it works on both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system so, it will balance and ground you, downloading your neutral, centered self

first, blow your nose and then take a nice long deep breath through your nostrils – inhale, inhale, inhale, ask yourself if you can inhale more – the chest will rise up as the ribcage expands, and puffs up and out

now, force all the air out through the nose in one explosive exhale 

try it a couple times just to feel what it’s got to offer you but don’t overuse it! – this particular pranayam must be treated with care

also, when you ‘lose it’, remember to drink a big glass of water and use your Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower)

There is nothing wrong with being emotional,  Just don’t do anything when you are emotional.  It is very simple,  There is nothing wrong with being emotional. It’s part of life.  Sometimes your become emotional. Sentimental feelings and other things come through.  What is wrong with that?  But when you are emotional, don’t do anything.  When you are conscious, that is the time to do everything.     Copyright The Teachings of YB

sourcebook of the breathing exercise:  Relax and Renew by Gururattan K Khalsa, Ph. D. and Ann Marie Maxwell


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