Guruatma K Khalsa

healing from the inside out

for chronic pain and chronic ‘conditions’ – foot reflexology in the hot tub!

i found a great way to get customized, so-very-relaxing, therapeutic reflexology treatments – all-inclusive in my YMCA membership!

their hot tub is @105 degrees and has many choices of different-pressure jet streams located in various places along the walls and bottom of the tub.  yes, you need to move around in the tub and experiment to find the jets that work just right for you

standing up and holding onto the wall, i position myself to the side of one of the jets shooting up from the bottom  -WATCH OUT, the blast of the water is a force to contend with!

from that position, you can pivot the base and sides of my foot back and forth across the jet, aiming at all the reflexology points.  it’s easy to get the inside edge of the sole of the foot where all the reflexes for the spine are and individualize all the spots that coordinate with the internal organs.

…easy to move the toes and webbing between the toes (areas of the head, sinuses and neck) across those jet

YOU CONTROL how close or far away from the jet to hold your foot, depending on the sensitivity of the spots – perfect!

i also discovered that i can sit on the edge of the tub and dangle my foot in front of a jet on the wall, position it to hit on just the right places – it’s easy to get the ankle area (female organs) from this position

all the time you’re treating yourself to a reflexology session, the whole rest of your body is being affected by the heat and the movement of the water – a perfect way to treat chronic aches and pains

sometimes i lie down for a bit on the side of pool before aiming for the shower

my fav book on reflexology is Reflex Zone Therapy of the Feet by Hanne Marquardt – it’s full of colored maps and information on the science of reflexology.  i’ve used my copy so much and for so many years, it’s in tatters

be sure to get your doctor’s permission before beginning hot tub hydrotherapy, especially if you are challenged by chronic pain or disease

SIP – Self-Induced Pain is not an option – stay in your comfort zone while stimulating the toes, feet and ankles

enjoy and heal yourself!

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