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suffering from chronic pain – chair yoga student shares detox experience at holistic healing center

My journey to the Optimum Health Institute, began 3 years ago. I was a borderline workaholic along with being physically, emotionally, and spiritually depleted.  Then along came a car accident, which I thought was minor at the time. I soon discovered that I had 3 herniated discs, a pinched nerve, and nerve injuries to both feet from slamming on the brakes! I was to become a sufferer of chronic pain. I had never had any medical issues in the past and had never been on medications of any sort. I now found myself taking medication, using ice packs, balms, tonics, and anything that could relieve the pain even for a short time. Walking was excruciating, sleeping impossible due to muscle cramps/spasms and nerve pain. The stress of my demanding job and the fact that my daughter also had an injury from the accident, debilitating chronic headaches, took us on a descending spiral. I finally left my job last spring and I thought I was going to be able to attend to my injuries in a more focused way. Three months later, I found myself in the hospital for 7 days, 3 of which I have no recollection of, with meningitis. I learned after my release from the hospital that I had contracted West Nile Virus, which has had long lasting effects. At that time I was also diagnosed with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. I had just tried to begin walking the neighborhood track and, I had apparently been bitten by a mosquito. The smallest events can have huge consequences.  Since that time I have not been able to get a handle on improved health. My blood sugar readings were affected negatively by the medication they gave me in the hospital and even drinking green smoothies wasn’t helping.  Nothing I tried was helping and I was getting weaker and more decrepit with every passing day. I’m a grandmother of 3 and I looked the part of a wobbly frail old lady. Now I have no problem getting older, I consider it a badge of honor to have persevered for 54 years, but to have lost my hardy stamina and to rely on a cane to walk was so depressing.

As the despair and pain of the past 3 years left me feeling hopeless, a friend of mine took me to a practitioner that she saw regularly. The practitioner took a fairly quick look at me and told my friend I must choose to live or to die at that moment. She said that I must go to the Optimum Health Institute in Austin ASAP, and within 48 hours I was on the road to Austin. The practitioner had visited OHI herself some years back to recover from a stroke.

OHI is a magical place, with all the means to make miracles happen. Wheatgrass, raw foods, probiotic drinks, purified water, exercises to support the lymphatic system, colonics, classes, etc. all create an atmosphere of healing and rejuvenation. Some guests come yearly for a detoxifying stay, some come back as cancer survivors, the stories are amazing.

Within 24 hours of arriving at OHI my blood sugar readings dropped below normal, I had to eat a piece of fruit to stabilize and I have not taken my medication since. My levels have risen again some since returning home, it is a challenge to reinvent OHI at home but I am working hard on that goal. Having fresh wheatgrass grown on site and your meals places in front of you are so helpful during the detoxification process. As I said earlier, pain has been a constant issue for me and I do use a cane to walk, while at OHI I had a day free of pain and I was able to walk without my cane, it was amazing! 

I always believed it was possible but now, I have something tangible to recreate. I would be happy to speak with anyone who is interested in discussing the possibility of planning a stay at OHI. Taking a few moments to read the online testimonials of other OHI guests and their experiences healing from cancer and other chronic conditions is particularly helpful as I was able to hear firsthand about the experiences of those who shared my stay in Austin. There is also a location in San Diego but people travel from California and all over to the Austin locale.  I encourage you to visit the OHI website,  as every aspect of the program is readily available to explore.

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Jul 11, 2012 8:11 AM

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