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fear of death and dying of cancer, and your living intention altar


what you focus on grows, doancha know

 i hear you, that reading those front-page of the newspaper articles about people dying of cancer ignites the element of fear in you, you who are in-between post-cancer reconstructive surgeries
if i found myself in your position, here’s what i have learned to do:
cut them out and make a ‘living intention altar’ dedicated to that very theme – my all my fears around dying of cancer altar  …more about living intention altars
i know better than to tell myself that what i am feeling is not true, but i also know that everything is energy and i can be instrumental in taking that negative force and shifting it towards the light, offering it to the highest part of my Self and letting it go in that direction, as opposed to being the paralyzed victim of it
perhaps, in one of those periods where you are alone (therefor not distracted) and ruminating on the fear, you could write about it in your journal
another idea – create an opportunity out of the heaviness of it to help the next person who is being challenged in the same way by writing a post that i could offer on this website devoted to those of us who are experiencing and facing similar challenges
the act of writing would be your process of expressing yourself and letting it go out of you, instead of allowing it to eat you up
i always have to remember that my only choice is in this moment – and that is where i have the power to call forth my creative and unlimited spirit to help me stay on top of that which is pulling me down
here’s another tool you might use to dilute the fear-factor; my friend, a cancer survivor, just sent it to me:
Websites and Social Media for Support and Information
Another way to connect with other individuals who have experienced cancer in their lives: The Internet.
Garrett: Garrett is a survivor of testicular cancer who started a blog on as a way to keep friends updated regarding his treatment and results. However, his blog grew into something therapeutic, since it helped him process what was happening to him. Garrett says that “there is an energy that is created when you start to write your thoughts down in a format that you know others are going to read”. For him, that energy grew into something that helped him become stronger and also helped him understand more about his situation. He says that the “clarification that results from the process of you trying to format your thoughts into an intelligible story can change your very thought and or impression of an experience from the beginning of a paragraph to the end.” Garrett has graciously given us permission to provide a link to his blog. You can view his insightful, beautifully written blog at is an online support website for people who are havingany type of health event, and their mission is “to amplify the love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier.” You can create your own free online space where you can post health updates to keep friends and family informed. Family and friends can leave supportive messages and stay connected during any type of health event. There is also a “Support Planner,” which is a calendar that can be used to coordinate appointments and caregiver schedules. There is even an “app” for mobile devices. is free due to the donations it receives. Go to to learn more. While is for any type of health event, is specifically for cancer patients. is a nonprofit organization that “encouragescancer patients and caregivers to create free, customized websites.” The mission at is to “empower patients to build an online support community of family and friends to foster connection, inspiration, and healing.” Patients can set up blogs like Garrett’s, and just as with, family and friends can leave supportive messages and stay informed. The “Helping Calendar” section helps coordinate a patient’s support network by showing what kind of support would be helpful on a particular day (e.g., babysitting, transportation). In addition, provides links to articles and guides that provide information specific to cancer and support groups. There is also a mobile “app.” Go to to learn more.

fear is a true (it’s so real) and powerful (it’s so strong) element that presents and stirs about in the lives of those of us challenged by chronic and critical illness

also on this note, there is a lot we can talk about in relation to the hyper-awareness of death and dying that is up on the table and in your face, all coming from that bold-print, dramatic headline on the front page of that newspaper.  perhaps the fear is a calling from your soul to investigate and face your death, prepare yourself for the event which will inevitably happen to all of us
facing my own death was the most powerful yoga exercise i ever practiced
i will also pass along my yogic tools for when you find yourself up and alone in the nite because you can’t sleep since you saw that article
Fears cannot be solved. Never try to solve a fear. Drop a fear. Never solve your problems. Drop your problems. Take them to the highest part of you and drop them.

6/12/85  © The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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