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How the Early Morning Yoga Class Came To Be

January, 2008 – 6am yoga class at Yoga Central was born

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ImageWhat’s the scoop? Tell me what’s a happenin…

By the grace of the blessing to be waking up earlier and feeling stronger these days, I am teaching the early morning yoga classes 2 days a week at the ashram. I wanted to let everyone know that I am taking advantage of this time to investigate and share all my old files (6 legal-sized drawers FULL), books, lecture and training notes, visual teaching-aids, archival 3HO publications and materials, etc with the intention to resurrect the business Yogi Bhajan directed me to create and pursue.

What a phenomenal and inspiring project. We are having FUN!

In a private meeting with Yogi Bhajan at Khalsa Women’s Training Camp in 1992, he said to me,

“Get up off your ass and teach; write it down exactly as I say – When you become successful, the cycle (of dis-ease that was going on at that time) will break.  You are the Assistant Director of ‘3HO Anti-Addiction Technology and Systems’.”

Obviously a master at meeting someone at their own level, he spoke true to my SELF/soul and precisely read my aura, me being the kind of woman who re-built 3 volkswagon engines in my garage in the late 70’s and cares to know how my frig runs.

Soon after camp ended, I spent time training at our 3HO SUPERHEALTH facility in Phoenix, AZ (a licensed, in-patient, drug rehab center) and when I came home, worked to become certified with the State of Texas to teach continuing education classes in the Yogic Approach to Drug-Addiction Recovery to LPC’s (Licensed Practicing Counselors).

Some of you may remember the weekend seminars and classes I taught here at the ashram, back in those days, and you are familiar with my tendency to tear things apart, break them down, ask questions and investigate the depths of the ‘given’s – for instance, what is going on in the brain when we are holding a particular eye focus or hand mudra, what-all does MAGNETIC FIELD really mean (thank you Earl for working on that with me), what are the dynamics of ROOT LOCK and where in the skull do we find the precise positioning for TUNING-IN?

…all aspects of this type of investigation I make my business – and I love my work, as it is custom-made for my particular psyche and gifts to be able to pass the science-of-it on to you in a way that you can understand.

Anyway, I became critically ill in ’95 and Ek Ong Kaar Kaur (the woman who so beautifully translated Japji – THE SONG OF THE SOUL as per Yogi Bhajan’s direction) took over teaching the classes, developing and promoting the business until she left for New Mexico, maybe around ’97.  Thus, the business went into RAHAO (pause)-mode.

Long story short…….. I’M BACK!

Perhaps you would like to join us as we investigate the technology and systems of that particular mornings’ set and meditation.

Thank you for holding the projection for me to be effortlessly placed in the perfect circumstances and facilities to reach those in need of this technology.  I am keeping a deep focus and commitment to continue to take care of myself and be prepared for the calling.

The morning class is a vehicle for this process.

I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity; it is a perfect arrangement.