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chronic sinus infections cured with ozone therapy


sepi artlast week, i visited our accountant and he told me how he conquered the chronic sinus infections that had plagued him for 4-5 years

his chiropractor recommended ozone therapy; he tried it and hasn’t had a sinus infection in 3-4 yrs!

he said it clears out negative things and accumulative debris in the sinus cavities

for the first month and a half, he did the treatment 2-3 times/week

then, once/week

and now, he only does it for 3 minutes, once/month

all his ozone therapy equipment is right there at work

very interesting – let’s google this ozone therapy and see what it’s all about!

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  1. Ozone is amazing used widely in Europe .

    I know breathing in ozone for a few minutes if fine, I like the smell but anything more that 25 minutes can cause lung irritation I had Ozone IV’s with my ND truly miraculous and no side effects! I overheard a conversation at the ND office where the patient wanted to cure his MS and had extensive researched it and wanted ozone IV twice a week for eight weeks and that was the protocols The doctor could not say if this would cure him or not , but apparently the research was there

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