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Chronic Critical Illness client listens to her body’s craving for eggs.


A client shared this with me:
After one particularly bad night, I woke up with a huge craving for eggs. Which I do try to avoid. But I decided to eat them, and I got an egg and potato burrito. Ate the eggs and potatoes, but not the flour tortilla. Within a very short period of time, I felt my body stabilize. The brain fatigue faded. I slept well that night.
My response:
YEAH for you!! to listen to your body and eat the eggs you were craving, even though that is a food you try to avoid.
Allow me to share my experience, for a reason in you:
I used to have cravings for jello on and off in my life.
It’s not the candy-colored, sweetness of jello that I’m wanting.  Jello was something we ate when we were kids and I never made or ate jello as an adult.
But i crave it sometimes.
…and guess what I figured out.
It’s the GELATIN I’m craving.  Jello is thickened with a component of horse’s hooves – CARTILAGE!
When the Relapsing Polychondritis disease is active in me, it’s attacking and disintegrating/eating my cartilage.  Thus the craving before a relapse.
I’ve gone to the health food store and bought vegetarian jello thickened with non-animal products like Vegetable Gum. That jello did not do the trick; my craving was not satisfied.
So, I really ‘listen up’ when I’m craving jello.  It’s a wake-up call and I learned to quit judging it and honor my body’s inherent wisdom.
It doesn’t mean I go eat jello with all the sugar and colorings in it.  I just really notice and pay attention to the ‘heads-up’ message and act accordingly – go to my nutritionist and seek out and remedy the sources of stress that are pushing out of my healthy perimeters.
I also crave marshmallows when I’m stressed for an extended period of time, when I’m getting deficient in the nutrients that sustain me.  Once again, it’s not the sugar in the marshmallows that I’m craving – they also are made with gelatin!
And so it goes.
…same with eggs.  If I’m craving eggs (which I do all the time), I eat eggs.
…same with meat.  If I’m craving meat, I bless my resistance and reservations and go get some, offering sincere gratitude to the animal whose life is serving me.
Somewhere in my 5 yr course of chemotherapy when I was also taking so many Px drugs, I was craving meat like crazy but I had been a vegetarian for about 20 yrs and didn’t eat meat for religious and humanitarian reasons.
All my doctors and my nutritionist encouraged me to eat meat.
I resisted and I ended up needing a blood transfusion because I got so anemic.
The blood transfusion helped me gain my strength immediately but the procedure was a heavy experience and receiving someone else’s blood put me through my  changes.
After that transfusion I changed my mind and if I ever craved meat (I always knew I needed it when my hands would start shaking), my husband went right out and got me a medium rare hamburger.  Immediately, my hands symptom went away.
During that era, my friend’s mother helped me learn how to make some meat dishes at home, too.
Now in my life, I eat meat when I crave it.  I buy the best quality meat from free roaming, grass fed beef.  Sometimes I eat chicken or turkey, too.
I’m doing that right now because I had foot surgery 2 months ago and I’m wrestling with re-entry since I spent so many weeks immobilized with my leg elevated and I haven’t yet been able to return to the full exercise program my body really needs to be strong. During this era, my body is craving meat and I’m obeying.
A couple years ago I worked with an Ayurvedic doctor and she told me that it made perfect sense and was warranted in their system that meat and drugs balance each other out.
That was very affirming to hear but I also know that

I don’t necessarily need to have any school or system of belief outside of my Self to justify MY BODY’s needs.

It is what it is.
I’ve learned to move my judgements out of the way and JUST BLESS IT …and find the gratitudes therein.

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  1. I’m glad I found this! I was *mostly* vegetarian at 13 (my family ate a lot of meat, I couldn’t always avoid it), and eventually vegan at 18. 3 years ago, I started getting sick, I lost a lot of weight, down to 70 lbs. I worked at a bar and grille, and started drooling when I would serve people their burgers. I felt guilty about it. Eventually my sickness effected my mental health, I started having mental breakdowns, I got fired. Things went downhill. I saw a doctor and she did some tests and told me that my stomach wasn’t dealing with the vegan diet well, and that despite eating enough calories, my body was rejecting the food and not getting what it needed.

    Despite her advice I became more delusional, but tried gaining weight to no avail. I ate whole jars of peanut butter, bags of vegan chocolate, vegan donuts. I lost MORE, yes MORE weight. (I’m a small person too, like 5 feet tall). Finally, I gave in, and started with eggs after my mom cried about how worried she was, and she took me to a local organic restaurant and I got a rare steak, and let me tell you, that was the best taste I have EVER tasted. I could hear my body SCREAMING for more.

    I believe that a no-meat diet might work for some, but the most important thing is to listen to what your body is saying, and to not guilt yourself if you need to eat animal product to not be sick. All of us are different.

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