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chronic and critical illness symptoms respond immediately to acupuncture treatments

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i’m not sure what year i wrote this letter to the man who generously offered me acupuncture treatments, but i do know that i was fortunate to have weekly appointments with him for several years – i was so sick from chemotherapy and all the other drugs i was on for relapsing polychondritis, and i can’t thing of any symptom i presented with that he was not able to address and relieve, to some extent – a wholesome body of knowledge and therapy, i would call that!

consider this letter as my TWO-THUMBS-UP testimonial for the benefits of acupuncture:

Dear Sat Kartar,

As you know, I have stated that I wanted to write this letter for many years now because I wonder if people are aware of what acupuncture can do for them. I started seeing you on a regular basis somewhere around 1995-97 when I became critically ill with Relapsing Polychondritis and was on high-doasge prednisone for cartilage inflammation and in chemotherapy to suppress my immune system.

As I am challenged with this chronic and relapsying condition since 1970, without exaggeration I have been been under the care of no less than 50-70 (maybe more) medical and complimentary doctors and practioners in the course of time.

I remember coming to you in the peak-years of chemotherapy and a high-dosage prednisone regiment with multiple problems; I saw you on a once/wk basis for years, plus extra visits for ER.

Every time I left a session I felt major relief – physically, mentally and spiritually. You handled serious, hard-core issues for me and truly uplifted my spirit. I remember leaving my appointments thinking I could “make it” another day/week/whatever – that alone made it worth the reservation.

I was always afraid of “those needles”, but the issue always proved to not really be a problem once I was lying on your table and relaxing through the session.

Over the years, in your acupuncture treatments we have addressed vertigo and inner-ear imbalance (you prepared my ears for flight in airplanes), anxiety, shingles, hives, iritis/eyes, itching, allergies, colds/flu, depression, auto-immune disorder, lower-back pain, nerve damage, car accident-oriented neck injury, all those nasty side-effects of western drugs, headaches, heartburn (GOOD JOB!), nitemares, insomnia (BIG HELP!), deep-seated-fatigue, diet, glandular issues of all types like blood-sugar and adrenal imbalance, diahhrea, blood pressure, frequent urination, sweating, cysts, body temperature, emergencies of all flavors, etc etc. etc……

Forgive me for mentioning such a personal thing, but you are expert at eliminating hemorrhoids – you know I tease you about this because, if the statistics they say are true about one in every 4 people walking down the street has them, then I believe you could be a millionaire!

You also have expertise in the female hormone-imbalance department and your herbal formulas have worked miracles for me. I appreciate that you are exceptionally CALM and non-reactive.

But, what most deeply impresses me about coming to seeing you is: THE DR IS ALWAYS WAITING FOR ME!!!!

Anyone can tell you this behavior is absolutely NOT the norm in our frantically-paced world and, so far, you are the only exception in all the hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours I have spent WAITING for my appointments.

Why I mention this first is because it is a precise indication of the TYPE of doctor you are and what the patient can expect. The way you approach and conduct your practice is remarkable and, I feel, most-definitely worth recognition and promoting.

You have explained to me many times why it is essential for you to present yourself in this timely manner – it is all about you being in a positon to give your personal energy, your “chi” to the patient in the proper fashion. You respect and understand that you can not assist the process of balancing the “chi” of your client if you initiate a session from a positioning of stress or deficit; you even choose your office hours according to this theory.

As I understand it, you are being true to the science of it and therefore, we are getting the highest and best of treatment from you.
There is nothing I have ever placed on your table that you could not address – that is saying A LOT!!!!

I enjoy watching you work through the whole process of studying/assessing the givens, evaluating/researching the possibilities and finally determining and executing the plan.

Of course, I can’t remember all the things you helped me with, but the bottom-line is that whatever comes up, you approach to the table with deep knowledge and a long-time practice of an age-old science proven to evaluate, treat and uplift the body, mind and spirit as a whole.

So, it is done and now this is off my mind. Please utilize this letter as a testimonal from the positioning of one very grateful woman who has had the honor of being your client.

For so many years you have served me to feel better and become well. I rest my case…….


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  1. Hi, interesting post. Just happened to pass by your website when I was searching information on acupuncture. Thank you, it helped me on my research.

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