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…daughter & sometimes caregiver seeks to enhance her mother’s Quality of Life




Greatly Improved Quality of Life!

My consultations with Guruatma K Khalsa have tremendously enhanced my mother’s quality of life. As a sometimes caregiver to my 86 year old mother, the consults I have had with Guruatma on various occasions have helped my mother with chronic pain, with getting the most out of doctor’s appointments, and with the crisis of acute traumas!

My mother suffers from chronic pain as a result of her osteoporosis. When I spoke to Guruatma about it, she suggested we ask her doctor for physical therapy. She told us that although a doctor might not suggest physical therapy unprompted, if a patient or her family asks for it to help with the chronic symptom, a doctor will often provide a prescription for physical therapy, and Medicare will cover it. This is indeed what happened in my mother’s case. During the physical therapy, she was provided with and trained to do a series of exercises that she continues to do. When she does the exercises daily, the pain either does not occur that day or is greatly reduced!

Several years back, my mother turned toward someone and set off a series of spasms in her back that continued off and on for several months. It was greatly affecting her quality of life. Guruatma suggested that she was possibly re-injuring the area as she moved about, and that she might benefit from using a rolling walker to help her stand and walk in a more balanced, stable and upright way. Within a week of buying the walker, my mother’s spasms were gone.!

A year ago, my mother fell and broke her shoulder, requiring surgery, and then just after the sling came off, she fell again and fractured her pelvis, requiring a move to a nursing and rehabilitation facility with round the clock care. My mother did the rehab and was able to move home after a few months. On Guruatma’s suggestion, my mother asked her doctor for a prescription for aqua therapy. My mother healed quickly and well, and is now stronger than before she fell!

Guruatma has also consulted with us on my mother’s hearing loss and provided helpful insights and suggestions.

Guruatma’s experience with chronic illness and the medical system have given her insights that have been a blessing for our family. When I think about the help with both chronic pain and crisis injuries that we have received from Guruatma, I am aware of the incredible difference our consultations have made in my mother’s health and happiness! 

Carol Denson is a poet, essayist, and teacher living in Austin, Texas.  You can see some of her poems in the current issue of the Adirondack Review at or you can order her chapbook of poems at

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