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Caregiver seeks yogic tools for loved one with cancer & going through chemotherapy


Guest Post: Siri Kirin/Kathe Forrest

Where do I begin?

This is a story of sickness and the strong will to survive that could actually be several individual narratives. There are many facets involved in being a caregiver for someone who has cancer.

Thomas, my former husband, received the news that he had colon cancer in 2008. That was about 6 years ago and through chemotherapy and alternative & complementary medicine, he is alive today and continuing chemo and additional therapies, which I will get to later on in the story.

I entered the picture in 2010 when he wrote a letter to me saying that it looked like he was headed south – not going to survive – and wanted to express to me what a good mother I had been to our children. His quality of life at this time was depressed, to say the least, as he was having to endure a colostomy bag, pain and the worst possible imagined – not being able to do Yoga!

Thomas had for some 40 years practiced everyday shoulder stand, pranayama or breathing techniques, and other intense, yogic asanas or poses.

At that same time in space, I happened to learn about ozone therapy as I had traveled 6 hours from where I was living to visit a naturopath with a friend who needed ozone for damage to her body. I was given instructions on how to inject the ozone into a vein.

We have since found out that the best way to get ozone into the body is through Thomas’ port – directly into the veins – and through a steam, sauna-type box where he sits and absorbs the oxygen. Otherwise, the ozone injected with a syringe, as if you were drawing blood, collapses the veins.

It was during this time also that I emailed and spoke to Guruatma, who had come through a life-altering disease. I wanted to understand her experience with a critical illness, drug side effects and her emotional well-being. I inquired about what supplements helped her and asked for advice on Kundalini meditations that Thomas might be able to practice.

Thomas was in Stage 4 and seriously near death’s door when a nurse at the cancer hospital suggested he do chemotherapy with the addition of large amounts of supplements such as COQ10, Alpha-lipoic acid, Glutathione, green smoothies and whatever other ones he had been using for maintaing his body.

He was also taking Chinese herbs from a Doctor of Acupuncture.

He began the cancer drugs and was monitored carefully while ingesting his daily regiment of supplements and ozone therapy. His son, Jeshua, was his main caregiver and I came into town often to lend a hand during the period of the ozone injections.

I suggested that he play music- 24/7, such as Snatam Kaur’s Ra Ma Da Sa and other healing-type tunes to help him sleep.

Almost immediately, his physical body responded and within a week or two, his color had returned as well as his appetite, although he did have to transition from a vegetarian diet of 38 years to eating hamburgers. These burgers and other organic sources of meat were for the protein his body craved, and with this diet his body revived. I myself am vegetarian and have learned through his experience and others that there are many diets suited for individuals in times of stress, illness and bodily needs overall.

I remember Guruatma explaining that her diet had to change as well for her survival due to the intense nature and side effects of the chemotherapy drugs she was taking, which were affecting Thomas as well. This was a most important change for both Guruatma and Thomas psychically due to the spiritual nature of their reasons for being vegetarian.

He then began to include daily or weekly massages, walking barefoot, bathing in the sun, more supplements and the inclusion of hemp in the form of (CBD and THC). The cannabinoids threw off Thomas’ awareness and balance but he needed them to help increase his hunger and to sleep more deeply, both of which are key to survival.

And survive he did!  His oncologist and people at the clinic could not believe how well he was recovering. And they really encouraged Thomas to continue everything that he was doing to alleviate pain, strengthen his body and pave his way to remission. In fact, they told other patients at the clinic to talk with Thomas and to learn from him! That is what Guruatma does as well with her coaching and consulting work.

We come forward a couple of years to the present day and Thomas is fighting once more for his life. The cancer has reared it’s ugly head.

Thomas understands that fresh juice from greens in particular – cucumber, parsley, celery and a little carrot everyday is paramount because of the alkalinity it produces against the hard acidity of the chemotherapy. At the time I am writing this blog, his stomach cannot really stand the sight of any food until a week or so after the drugs have dissipated.

The new alternatives and additions to his treatment are IV infusions if Vitamin C, Alpha-lipoic acid, minerals and glucose potentiated therapy. The glucose is a brand new remedy with many positive results and Thomas has been lucky enough to find a doctor near Boulder to administer this treatment.

His journey has been a long haul, as anyone’s with a life-altering situation can be. He continues to search for a solution and an answer to the death of cancer cells.

He has gained time, enjoyed his family and his emotional well-being is still high on Life!

Submitted and written by : Siri Kirin/Kathe Forrest, Certified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Author of Keep the Change, Simple Practices for Lasting Transformation, & CNC (certified nutritional counselor), MH (Master Herbalist)

Guruatma serves as a mentor for those who suffer from chronic or critical illness, as well as their family members. To inquire about or schedule a one-on-one session, click here:



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