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February 18, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

for emotional crisis and also used for craving a cigarette – a quick breathing technique to pull you out of it

successful_nature_medthis quick breathing technique can be used anywhere, anytime for emotional meltdowns – it’s real easy and quick

it’s also used for those of us trying to break the cigarette habit.  when you’re craving a cigarette, try it 3 times and see if  you still feel like smoking.  if you do, do it a few more times and up to 10 times (never more than that, at one stretch)

it works on both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system so, it will balance and ground you, downloading your neutral, centered self

first, blow your nose and then take a nice long deep breath through your nostrils – inhale, inhale, inhale, ask yourself if you can inhale more – the chest will rise up as the ribcage expands, and puffs up and out

now, force all the air out through the nose in one explosive exhale 

try it a couple times just to feel what it’s got to offer you but don’t overuse it! – this particular pranayam must be treated with care

also, when you ‘lose it’, remember to drink a big glass of water and use your Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower)

There is nothing wrong with being emotional,  Just don’t do anything when you are emotional.  It is very simple,  There is nothing wrong with being emotional. It’s part of life.  Sometimes your become emotional. Sentimental feelings and other things come through.  What is wrong with that?  But when you are emotional, don’t do anything.  When you are conscious, that is the time to do everything.     Copyright The Teachings of YB

sourcebook of the breathing exercise:  Relax and Renew by Gururattan K Khalsa, Ph. D. and Ann Marie Maxwell


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February 14, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

SELF mastery vs suffering the consequences of satisfying the ‘little me’

img_0585_medguru gian k (houston, TX) wrote this to me 2 days ago and i’ve been investigating it:

you mention frustration and disappointment … you realize of course that is a judgement of your SELF. how useful is that? somehow what you’re doing is a payoff for you (not just you… it works that way for everyone). you could investigate what that payoff provides you.

your SELF is already mastered… there’s nothing to do with it but be it. it’s always ego, and the instant payoff it wants fulfilled, that takes us off on other journeys/experiences.

the ‘little you’ gets something that it wants, from any choices you make, that you regret later. somehow, whatever suffering you feel from any SELF-sabotaging choices is satisfying to the little you on some level.

only thing that works for me is remembering how i felt after i made a choice in the past. then i decide what consequences of my actions i’m ok with. sometimes, i make choices that serve my SELF and sometimes i don’t. why to beat myself up in my mind about it, too? …i already got the consequences. it won’t change what’s past.

every moment is a new opportunity. forget the sweeping judgements … acknowledge every single victorious moment you can.

remember how you feel in your body when you do something that works for it.

as long as we have a mind, battle with the ego to keep it as a servant will be there.  you know this. 

now, here’s how i applied this study to a temptation i was faced with last nite:

when things finally calmed down around here after 3 days of intense, non-stop work where i have not even gone out of the house, missed my work-out in the pool, had not even gone to the store or for a walk, i wanted to eat! about 8:30 pm (that’s right before i would be going to bed)
got all wrapped up in my mind, envisioning the treat i was going to put together for myself
i remembered about what i’ve been studying and managed to put the breaks on my ‘monkey mind’ – thinking about how i feel when i eat late at nite and especially thinking about going to sleep with that fancy-pants snack in my stomach

what consequences i’m ok with and what am i not ok with

i was able to get far enough away from the impulse to not act on that desire and compromised with a dish of plain yogurt
it helps me to break it down, especially when i’m real tired and prone to reaching for satisfaction from the outside
the ‘little me’ would have been very happy to have a more remarkable snack
but the consequences would have been to suffer this morning
i chose to refer to and foster my relationship with my Self and have an empty stomach for my early-morning yoga and meditation
and, now i’m practicing what i’ve been teaching these days –
when you make a good decision, stop and feel it
thanks, guru gian, and happy valentine’s day to all!

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February 8, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

diabetic exchange program did the trick – i lost 100 ‘prednisone-induced, type 2, adult-onset diabetes’ lbs

one positive and good thing the county hospital did for me when i was battling it out with the auto-immune disease i’m challenged by (relapsing polychondritis), was to send me to their dietitian

anyone who’s been on high-dosage prednisone knows that immediate (ridiculously quick) and extreme weight-gain in the face (“moon face”), back of neck and abdomen is par for the course

that diet is so SMART! it’s a perfect science and it’s very organized – and that’s exactly what i needed

i still chuckle when i remember my first visit to the Nutrition Dept.  when the lady gave me my plan, she handed me 4 plates and big box of rubber-duckie-kinda foods of all sorts, painted up to look like the real thing

she told me to make a days worth of meals by referring to the exchanges on my list and then choose from all the different foods, creating my menu

then she left me alone, promising to return to discuss my choices.  for me, one of the most organized people on the planet, it was a chop-chop project and i went to work, bent on fulfilling the task

some of the foods in the box i didn’t even recognize and when she came back, i picked up this one sliver of green shaped like a boat and asked her what it was – turns out it was 1/8th of an avocado and that little, dinky slice would take up ONE WHOLE HALF of my total allotment of only 2 oil exchanges for that entire meal – “holy god, forget it, then!” and it threw it back in the box and swore off avocados if they were gonna be that picky

thus, my diabetic exchange program adventure began and it turned out I could never even eat all the exchanges allotted to me in my daily plan – I was totally satisfied each meal and big hooray for food being off my mind in-between meals

i loved that i got to have a good snack in the evening – that’s what really made it smart and do-able for me because i’ve always been one of those people who gets hungry before bed

along with my PT program, exercising in the pool 3 times/wk with alternate days of walking, this diet helped me lose 100 lbs and i was able to get off the drug i was taking, glucophage, for prednisone-induced, adult-onset diabetes 2

truth is, i don’t need to be on prednisone to be off-balance with my eating habits – i’ve been challenged in this department my whole life

so i really appreciate a system that gathers and divides my ideal daily caloric intake into exchanges (carbs/protein/fruit/dairy/veggies/fats) included in 3 meals and a snack at nite

i had fun with it and kept track of my exchanges with different-colored index cards and envelope pockets that i moved them around in

on saturdays i would “cheat” and eat the veggies and fruit exchanges in the day, saving up all my dairy, fat and carb exchanges, so i could and have 2 whole pieces of stuffed-crust pizza for our movie nite – now, that made it really smart!!!

and so, it worked for me. i big-time changed my mind and made the commitment, weaving the discipline of it into the reality of my life, even allowing myself a treat – all staying within the boundaries of the diabetic exchange program, complying with the basic and tested formula and holding to it


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February 7, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

breath of life takes full custody of YOU

think about it…

what force has total control over my existence?  where would i be without my next breath?

where does it come from, the breath i am taking this very moment?

how is it that i am on the receiving end of my life?

this is the investigation we make when we consciously meet each and every breath in yoga and meditation

this is the reality check we sign up for when we conscious pay attention

all throughout a day

of breathing

every breath is an ‘aha’ moment


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February 2, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

lupus foundation support group took me in

the lupus foundation people helped me so much – the staff, and especially the people who were challenged by this disease and their spouses

they accepted me in the first place because I had a rare disease (relapsing polychondritis) that didn’t have a support group

it was my first experience of ‘belonging’ to a new family of like-circumstance. i was desperate and they opened the door and took me in – a HUGE shift in my journey that helped the ‘flailing about’ component that was now my life

they gave me a workbook to follow to begin the process of acquiring a Fully-Favored Disability Status

i remember one woman who came to the meetings and needed to rest her head on the table we were gathered around, because she was so weak.  her husband sat right next to her and i’ll never forget his eyes and face and body-language – with all due respect, like who am i to judge him, i sensed he felt paralyzed

…will speak further on this topic in the future, but this was the only blog that did not transfer over to my new website and i definitely wanted to display it

thank you so much,

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February 1, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

bless your boobs! 2 yogic tools for breast cancer prevention for men & women

1)  i modify ‘bundle roll’ for a robust breast cancer prevention exercise

bundle roll with the arms up over the head – as you roll around in each direction, subtly adjust the upper torso, consciously positioning all the areas of the chest/breasts/ribcage/lymph and especially the armpits! to be in contact with the carpet –  you will get a good, deep massage (like a rolling pin)

the movement is propelled by the hips and the navel center

the bigger the area you have to roll around on, the better.  If you are working in a small area, roll from your back, around one side and to the front, fully rooting to mother earth on your belly, then return to your back and reverse sides – keep going (this is not about flopping; it’s a deep, squeeze and kneading of the tissues you’re wanting to feel)

after a while, bring your arms down to the sides and continue to roll to either side.  then, put the arms back up over the head.  continue rolling

1-3 minutes of bundling.  to finish, it’s very important to rest on your back and feel it (feels especially good if your carpet has a high pile).  hang out with all the sensations and bless your breasts

i also found this exercise is a great way to get a free neck adjustment

2)  bowing ‘jaap sahib’, with the arms in yoga mudra, is good for the breasts,  too

in rock pose, your hands are clasped behind the back and the arms are stretched back and lifted up – way-opening up the chest/breast/ribcage/lymph areas.  each time you bow, the breasts are compressed and massaged by your thighs

for woman, i recommend you do this exercise without a bra on, especially without inserts or an underwire.  try it wearing your bra and then with just an undershirt – you’ll feel the difference and know what to choose

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January 31, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa
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chronic and critical illness symptoms respond immediately to acupuncture treatments

i’m not sure what year i wrote this letter to the man who generously offered me acupuncture treatments, but i do know that i was fortunate to have weekly appointments with him for several years – i was so sick from chemotherapy and all the other drugs i was on for relapsing polychondritis, and i can’t thing of any symptom i presented with that he was not able to address and relieve, to some extent – a wholesome body of knowledge and therapy, i would call that!

consider this letter as my TWO-THUMBS-UP testimonial for the benefits of acupuncture:

Dear Sat Kartar,

As you know, I have stated that I wanted to write this letter for many years now because I wonder if people are aware of what acupuncture can do for them. I started seeing you on a regular basis somewhere around 1995-97 when I became critically ill with Relapsing Polychondritis and was on high-doasge prednisone for cartilage inflammation and in chemotherapy to suppress my immune system.

As I am challenged with this chronic and relapsying condition since 1970, without exaggeration I have been been under the care of no less than 50-70 (maybe more) medical and complimentary doctors and practioners in the course of time.

I remember coming to you in the peak-years of chemotherapy and a high-dosage prednisone regiment with multiple problems; I saw you on a once/wk basis for years, plus extra visits for ER.

Every time I left a session I felt major relief – physically, mentally and spiritually. You handled serious, hard-core issues for me and truly uplifted my spirit. I remember leaving my appointments thinking I could “make it” another day/week/whatever – that alone made it worth the reservation.

I was always afraid of “those needles”, but the issue always proved to not really be a problem once I was lying on your table and relaxing through the session.

Over the years, in your acupuncture treatments we have addressed vertigo and inner-ear imbalance (you prepared my ears for flight in airplanes), anxiety, shingles, hives, iritis/eyes, itching, allergies, colds/flu, depression, auto-immune disorder, lower-back pain, nerve damage, car accident-oriented neck injury, all those nasty side-effects of western drugs, headaches, heartburn (GOOD JOB!), nitemares, insomnia (BIG HELP!), deep-seated-fatigue, diet, glandular issues of all types like blood-sugar and adrenal imbalance, diahhrea, blood pressure, frequent urination, sweating, cysts, body temperature, emergencies of all flavors, etc etc. etc……

Forgive me for mentioning such a personal thing, but you are expert at eliminating hemorrhoids – you know I tease you about this because, if the statistics they say are true about one in every 4 people walking down the street has them, then I believe you could be a millionaire!

You also have expertise in the female hormone-imbalance department and your herbal formulas have worked miracles for me. I appreciate that you are exceptionally CALM and non-reactive.

But, what most deeply impresses me about coming to seeing you is: THE DR IS ALWAYS WAITING FOR ME!!!!

Anyone can tell you this behavior is absolutely NOT the norm in our frantically-paced world and, so far, you are the only exception in all the hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours I have spent WAITING for my appointments.

Why I mention this first is because it is a precise indication of the TYPE of doctor you are and what the patient can expect. The way you approach and conduct your practice is remarkable and, I feel, most-definitely worth recognition and promoting.

You have explained to me many times why it is essential for you to present yourself in this timely manner – it is all about you being in a positon to give your personal energy, your “chi” to the patient in the proper fashion. You respect and understand that you can not assist the process of balancing the “chi” of your client if you initiate a session from a positioning of stress or deficit; you even choose your office hours according to this theory.

As I understand it, you are being true to the science of it and therefore, we are getting the highest and best of treatment from you.
There is nothing I have ever placed on your table that you could not address – that is saying A LOT!!!!

I enjoy watching you work through the whole process of studying/assessing the givens, evaluating/researching the possibilities and finally determining and executing the plan.

Of course, I can’t remember all the things you helped me with, but the bottom-line is that whatever comes up, you approach to the table with deep knowledge and a long-time practice of an age-old science proven to evaluate, treat and uplift the body, mind and spirit as a whole.

So, it is done and now this is off my mind. Please utilize this letter as a testimonal from the positioning of one very grateful woman who has had the honor of being your client.

For so many years you have served me to feel better and become well. I rest my case…….


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January 30, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

another relapsing polychondritis survivor who had all their mercury fillings removed – wherefore art thou?

i just found this old post from someone i don’t know: they submitted it on Feb 18, 2012 –  i sure wish i could find them! 

here’s their comment:

I am living proof that this information about mercury amalgams is accurate!!

I was diagnosed with a VERY rare autoimmune disease called Relapsing Polychondritis several years ago. Apparently, there are only 400 people in the world that have this disease. I went to an autoimmune specialist at Rush Univ. who suggested I go on steroids and chemotherapy agents to help control the inflammation and the pain. This was NOT an option for me.

I was then on a mission. I was referred to a physician in Hawaii from a friend. She took a very extensive history and focused on my mouth and the fact that I had 3 root canals. I thought she was crazy. She told me to have a cavatat ultrasound of my gums and it would show if I had any areas of inflammation around my root canals. I live in Chicago and could not find ONE dentist who had this machine! I had to drive west of Milwaukee and found a dentist who did it for me. I saw for myself how bad the ultrasound looked. I was referred to a dentist in Huntley, Il.

He saved my life!! He extracted all of my root canals and removed all of my mercury fillings. Within 4 weeks I was fine and symptom free! My ulcerative colitis is also gone as well as headaches that I had at least 3 days a week for years. I can’t remember the last time I took tylenol!

If this physician did not know to look at these root canals, I would still be on steroids and chemotherapy drugs. Those themselves would kill me.

Thank you Dr. Mercola for researching and posting this information for everyone!!

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January 29, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

chronic & critical illness anxiety

i was just up in the attic going through my 7 legal-size boxes of medical files (in addition the legal-size cabinet full of medical docs down in my dining room) searching for my medication charts for the author of my book entitled, “MISDIAGNOSED – Walking the Path of SELF Knowing with guruatma”

i was very fortunate to have a family who had what it takes to help me fight the long and grueling process for acquiring a Fully-Favored Disability Status

we hired a lawyer and when we had meetings, she had to write all her questions and comments to me because i had lost my hearing in both ears (totally deaf) in the course of chemotherapy and had been told that i was ineligible for hearing aids (yet another MISDIAGNOSIS)

i found this 1998 note from her amongst countless forms that my dad and brothers filled out. she submitted her notes, including my answers to her question, in a court pleading; it’s in her handwriting.

in her notes, “Tell me about the anxiety.”

my answer:

Nights are so hard – everything gets bad.

I get low-grade fevers from the chemotherapy.

I feel like I have the flu.

I try not to use the narcotics.

I get nervous.

I think my husband is going to leave me.

Worry if we’re going to lose the house.

With me not working, we’re at the edge.

We used most of our savings.

i am sharing my answer to that question, not in the name of drama, but in case there’s a reason in YOU that affirms where you are at and what you are feeling at this stage of dealing with a chronic or critical illness

also, i feel it’s invaluable for caregivers to see this list. perhaps, you will be able to recognize the ‘voice’ of anxiety in the person you are helping, affirm them and assure them that what they are going through is normal, so you can help them better face the overwhelming challenges that they’re dealing with

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January 24, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

“I’m as flexible as a steel pipe!” – his QUESTION/my ANSWER

Well, i’ve started a yoga dvd recently and i must add, I’m as flexible as a steel pipe!!?! The physicality i understand alot more than the spirituality part of it. Any idea how to focus a bit more? I’m not convinced to go somewhere and pay to attend sessions just yet.

…so, i see you are already are a yogi – because you stretched beyond and conquered your resistance, bought a yoga dvd, sat down and began making the investigation.  good for you and good for your question – learning is never a weakness!

my suggestion is to keep up with your practice and not judge it, your flexibility factor.  just BE with your Self where you are at, allow it, and have fun with it – “compare/compete/confuse”  yb

yoga acts as a mirror.  breathing and moving through the postures shows you where you’re at, at the moment.  your job is to notice and pay attention to the places where you feel you need support and the places that you can tell you need to open.  that is what to focus on – yoga postures give you immediate feedback.  learn from your Self – you are your own best teacher!

concentrate on your breath pattern and the sensations in your body – what’s happening?  are you breathing?

expand and make your breath deeper on either side – pull in your belly to fully contract the diaphragm and empty the lungs (expelling carbon dioxide and negativity) on the exhale and inhale deeply, asking yourself, “is there more? is there more?” until your lungs are really filled up with oxygen and fresh life-force

wherever you’re at in your process is perfect.  start by accepting that to be true to you NOW. allow it and you will naturally expand – therein lies your spirituality

i was so happy you wrote to me – keep me posted, let me know how it goes for you

and, check out our yoga website at  – you’ll find many suggestions and tools, beautiful music and like-community to support and deepen your yogic journey


Guruatma serves as a mentor for those who suffer from chronic or critical illness, as well as their family members. To inquire about or schedule a one-on-one session, click here:

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