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June 12, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

de-mystifying the world of chronic illness – Guruatma helped me design a plan to help me, help my doctors to help me.

i just received this testimonial from a client who was suffering with mysterious symptoms that even her doctor (Primary Care Physician/General Practitioner) didn’t recognize:

Guruatma made a world of difference for me.  She totally understands the mystifying world of chronic illness. 

I did not know what to do and neither did my doctor….Guruatma walked me through my brain fog and helped me design a plan to help me, help my doctor to help me. 

I was indecisive and unsure about next steps.  She urged me to advocate for myself.  Normally, I would not have advocated for myself. 

When you have a chronic illness the symptoms come and go.  Frequently, doctors dismiss you when they cannot explain your experience. 

Guruatma helped me navigate my system of care.   She had extensive knowledge of both traditional and nontraditional forms of medicine.  I felt that she was instrumental in helping me devise a plan that I could follow through on.  Follow through is frequently a challenge when you are not feeling good. 

She helped me in all aspects of my life.  She was a godsend to me.

Lori H, Colorado – June 2013


Guruatma serves as a mentor for those who suffer from chronic or critical illness, as well as their family members. To inquire about or schedule a one-on-one session, click here:

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May 11, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa
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“I could never shake the blame for being sick.” – chronic-critical illness survivor

IMG_0083a person battling it out with a chronic and critical illness writes to me:

“I could never shake the blame for being sick.”

my response:
first of all, I HEAR YOU!
life is mutual and we all go through this, those of us challenged by an ongoing and serious condition that pulls the rug out from under us, sucking our life energy and affecting our families and everything in our lives
i had to learn to JUST BLESS IT – whatever’s going on.  it’s certainly ‘enough already’ that we’re having all this to deal with in the first place
how does it serve us, or anybody, to add self-blame on top of the whole discombobulated scene? (isn’t that a good question – i know it knocked my socks off when someone proposed that i think about it)
go figure – here’s a little yoga exercise:
each time your mind downloads a blame message onto the screen of your awareness, consciously put your cursor on it, select it and move it over to the side
and now, simply observe it – just let it sit there and feel it, how it affects you
check it out
is it TRUE?
is it possible that it’s an old defense mechanism that your ego (whose job is to totally protect you biologically and physiologically) created at some dramatic point in the development of your innocent self, to protect you and make sense out of something that felt extremely threatening and totally out-of-control?
…and how many times did this scenario continue to play out in your life, gaining momentum and force?
and just how strong and  loud and sickening is that message by now?
is it locked in as a HABIT, a broken-record-syndrome that automatically jumps up, acting out and getting in your face when in fact that subliminal message no longer serves you ???
i’m sure you agree that you can’t control the future, and the past is gone
but don’t you agree that in this very moment, you DO have control? –
the ONLY place where we have any power is RIGHT NOW!

how do you want to spend this moment?

when that blame message pops up, recognize it for what it really is and leave it on the shelf (don’t put it in your shopping cart!)

don’t buy it

it’s not TRUE


and repeat this mantra, swipe it across the top of the thought no matter what – it’s just an exercise

i am a life. I AM I AM

let it be, because that thought IS there in the space of your psyche, but run a positive thought on top of it
now there’s TWO thoughts in the space of your present moment
one is ancient and has a negative energy and one is fresh and has positive energy, by way of your very own choice to employ it NOW
i found that this practice gave me a sense of being in charge of my life.  eventually the negative messages took a back seat and started to dissolve as i embraced my truth and allowed a positive projection to reign as my latest choice for reminding myself and the world who i truly was – and who i was NOT!
i believe you will find that your conscious, self-supporting choices and actions, moment by moment, will remove you from victim-mode and give you an experience of the victorious YOU via your inner power to choose your reality
think about it – how much credit do you deserve for making it all the way through to this point, all things considered in the arena of those of us busting our butts to survive the challenges on our plates
be ever so kind to yourself and give yourself a break
let your mind serve you and insist on spending you next moment residing in your VICTORY
Guruatma serves as a mentor for those who suffer from chronic or critical illness, as well as their family members. To inquire about or schedule a one-on-one session, click here:


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“There is nothing more powerful than the inner healing. Believe in yourself, and let tomorrow be a new day. Never look back. Don’t worry about anything. Just project into the very heart of  your highest wisdom that you shall be healed no matter what. You have the strength to overcome this challenge.” 
Copyright the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

April 17, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

suspecting she has Relapsing Polychondritis (autoimmune disease), a woman asks me, “what did you do to recover?”

you asked:
What do you think was the most beneficial thing that you did to recover?  Was it the medications or other forms of detoxifications?  I have to admit, I struggle with the thought of utilizing powerful medications but I totally hear you about not losing body parts.
my reply:
in retrospect, i so wish we had acted on my parent’s idea to take me up to Mayo Clinic, but i was so seriously sick at the time and i was/we were all suspended in what i now call ‘reactive medicine mode’
if i/we had stopped the chemo and gotten a second opinion, i believe (and several of my later drs agree) i would have not lost the hearing in my other ear (i’d give my left arm for one working ear)
did you know i’m profoundly deaf – a late-deafened individual?
in 1995, 24 yrs after the first symptom of the disease manifested in a total collapse of my nasal cartilage (i lost my nose at age 19!), i finally received a correct diagnosis.  the doctors started  me on a regiment of high-dosage prednisone for the inflammation and in an effort to suppress my immune system i began chemotherapy. 2 years later, in feb of 97 i lost all hearing in my right ear but i/we signed the Permission To Proceed With Chemo paperwork as i was seemingly on my deathbed and we figured to just keep giving the prescribed treatment more time to work
consequently, i lost the hearing in my other ear in may of that year.  the chemo burnt the delicate, microscopic hairs that conduct sound waves to the nerves in the cochlea
now i had a brand new diagnosis:  BI-LATERAL PROFOUND DEAFNESS!
after a grueling, long and complicated legal procedure we (my family helped for years to fill out all the paperwork) achieved Fully-Favored Disability Status for me and i graduated from the county hospital system to Medicaid in 2000.  it was obvious to my new rheumatologist (a Medicaid provider and teacher at U of TX Medical School) that the type of chemotherapy the drs at the county hospital had used was not the correct choice for my particular condition.  she put me on another kind of chemo and increased my prednisone dosage – my former drs had been afraid to choose that route because the side-effects of high-dosage prednisone are so serious.  in so choosing to not aggressively treat the inflammation, they caused me to suffer terribly and for many months
my new rheumatologist had my whole mess under control in a few days – i was able to get up and out of bed and feel like a human being, even if i was a very sick one.  now i felt i had a chance because i could breathe and think straight and move around!
so, you see, that’s why i am such a strong believer in second and third opinions – i’m a living example of one who did not do that and paid with THE LOSS OF MY HEARING!!!!
the most impt thing i did was find a doctor, an expert with experience who recognized my plight and got things under control with the correct drugs and treatment program for my particular circumstance  
she also worked with me for many years to help me safely wean OFF those dangerous drugs that my condition required at the time
yes, mistakes are made in the medical arena
yes, i used alternative medicines to counteract the side-efects of the drugs and to help me wean off all the drugs, recover and re-enter life
i know that having the mercury removed from my teeth really helped my immune system – but i did that in-between relapses
when the disease was active, i was on lots and lots of drugs
drugs are tools; i learned to drop my judgement of them to be ‘bad’
by my estimation and with the little i know about your circumstance, it seems that thing are not even close to being under control and you stand the chance of losing a body part or, if you do have RPC and the disease is active in your lungs and/or heart, this could actually be a life threatening development
you don’t need to look sick to get on Medicaid – you have to be in a position of not being able to pay for the care you need and deserve
your family doesn’t need to understand the situation to support you.  that’s the whole point – you’re seeking to understand what’s underneath a collection of symptoms that make no sense to you and are giving you grief, discomfort and pain.  this is your job, now, to pursue the answers and solve the mystery
first of all, it’s up to you to decide you need help
you may not feel comfortable to ask your family for help but it’s an option you might want to meditate on
they very well could come through for you
my whole family had to get involved – it’s a HUGE, multi-level, tortuous affair, battling it out with a rare disorder and i was fortunate to have help from my family, church community and friends
you are the one calling the shots
you could simply lay it out in a formula:
if i do this __________ this could happen
if i do that ___________ that could happen
and then you make the choice as if you were taking care of someone you dearly loved and had a say in their care
i hear you that it’s overwhelming, all of this.  give yourself credit for ‘keeping up’ in the face of this challenge
it’s your journey and there are no good or bad choices
at this point, it seems you’re dealing with so many unknowns and i suggest you step up and find out every single thing you can, sooner than later when you might have an irreversible loss. knowledge is power!
if there’s any way you could get yourself to Mayo or at least to a specialist in a big city near you?
you need the facts, pictures and the figures- the results of lots and lots of tests
it’s 2013 and medical technology is amazing
you have shared your wisdom with me and i believe you will move through this maze without losing yourself
yes, diet helps – alkalizing your body is SMART SMART SMART
fruit and veggie juicing is great and yes, i know that many people turn their dis-ease around by committing to the discipline of cleansing programs
but it also might not be the right time for any extreme measures.  for now, you might want to just listen to your body and give it what it’s asking for while you seek out a specialist and start moving through the tests required for them to make a diagnosis
it’s not for me to put any value or judgement on any of your choices
i’ve listened and freely shared information and my experience with you
let me know if i can be of any further assistance to you as you walk the path and weigh the pros and the cons
most importantly, trust your inner voice

i feel better.  i a better.  and that is my base. – this is our mantra

ps- i am using this reply as a blog on my website; your name will not be mentioned
thank you for allowing me to put it out there with the projection to reach the next person that would benefit from our exchange


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April 2, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

testimonial from a woman who is challenged by a rare autoimmune disease – she lives on the other side of the world and found me on the internet

one of the people helping me with marketing asked me how this one client in particular found me.  we live across the world from each other and she discovered my site about 3 years ago when i had a minimal website.  i emailed her and asked what keywords and phrases she used to search for and find me.

she gave me permission to post her response:

Hello,  Sorry  for coming back with such a delays, I did not expect that a small child can take all my time leaving so little for myself.

It is amazing what you have turned out of your illness and how you are using it for your and others people’s sake  You have beaten the disorder and using it in the same how it used you and controlled you before many years. It is not often when you can see it. Usually people give up and become weaker.

Thank your for your teleseminar recording, I listened to it. And there was story about me! (but i was not in Olympic team, just a very good swimmer). You have learned how to touch soul because your words brought me to tears in many places. I think many people feel the same.

I found you because my desperate question was – why i have to live if i am and never will be happy? and – how to heal myself. and – how to beat the illness. I used all these phrases to search on the internet. I did it again and again and never really found someone, except story about Lance Armstrong and you.

My advice and wish would be that you write a book – your life story and All lessons you learnt – step by step. Out there are so many people who can give advice but can’t give an example. You have gone through all it and as I wrote on one of my first emails: I found your web site, read your story many times and kept repeating – we both are human beings. If she could do it, it means that i can do it as well.
I would give the title to book – how i healed my physical and  mental disorder and became happy. And subtitle – Everyone can this.
Another wonderful thing is that you are alive and will be. You are not some hero from past. You are someone who lives nearby. It gives encouragement.
And another thing- if you write a book, you will not miss many important details. If you give a consultation, you miss. And if you write your short bio on web site – you miss.

For example, I did not know that you have a husband. I thought that you have lost him during difficult times. But you have it! It is very important because I thought many times that people with severe disorders always stay alone. That they have only parents, brothers, sisters, sometimes children. I thought that ill people are such a burdens which nobody wants to carry on.

I am still on my way out of unhappiness. I am learning and you were on of my first step stones.

with love,
Baiba, in UK

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March 2, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

trusting doctors and how a chronic illness patient can get what they need at the doctors office – recorded lecture

one of our chair yoga students who has for a long-time now been searching for a diagnosis that matches her symptoms, mentioned to me that she doesn’t trust doctors because of all the troubles she’s encountered in the past.  i talked in our 3-1-13 chair yoga class about this and how i learned to work with and get what i needed from a doctor and their office, how i learned to promote myself through the county hospital and then the medicaid systems

mp3:  about trusting doctors and how to promote yourself through the medical system


Guruatma serves as a mentor for those who suffer from chronic or critical illness, as well as their family members. To inquire about or schedule a one-on-one session, click here:

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February 27, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

Abilities Expo events coordinator supports the mission of yogic-tools for chronic & critical illness

Hi Guruatma!

I really love what you are doing.  The Yogic Tools for Chronic & Critical Illness are excellent. Really lovely.

Reading over it made me feel like you give people the permission to be where they are in a process, and to feel okay about it.
Plus to see a positive way to go in what is happening to them.
I wish I could fly you around the country to teach people!
I will continue to spread your good word whenever I can.

Sarah Galbraith Laucks, CMP  Education and Events  Abilities Expo

i’m over-joyed and grateful to receive this positive feedback and support from Sarah Galbraith of Abilities Expo – a huge and trusted, world-wide source where people with disabilities, their families, seniors, vets, caregivers and healthcare professionals gain knowledge and empowerment.  For more than 30 years, Abilities Expo has also provided an excellent forum for companies with disability products and services to reach out and enhance the lives of this Community.

the expo comes to Reliant Center here in Houston every year and i was given the opportunity to lead a guided meditation in 2010 and 2011.  this year’s dates are August 2-4th and i’ve been invited back to give a talk

after my presentations, i wander up and down the isles of that humungous convention hall and learned so much about all sorts of programs and provisions that address all the different kinds of  challenges we “handicapped” people encounter

i met so many inspiring people and had countless ***AHA*** moments, taking it all in – so many creative and good ideas!

i was especially impressed with all the vehicles parked on the floor showing all the different adaptive devices available to help handicapped people be able to drive (yeah!!!) and i found out that there’s equestrian and sailing organizations that would take ME for a ride, free of charge!

freedom and being able to have fun are so important!

the Abilities Expo offers new worlds, full of options for us to

have a good life


check out their website at


Guruatma serves as a mentor for those who suffer from chronic or critical illness, as well as their family members. To inquire about or schedule a one-on-one session, click here:


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February 26, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa
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removing the mercury amalgams from my teeth DID help my immune system fight Relapsing Polychondritis

we all know not to touch the mercury that escapes out of a broken thermometer and we know not to touch a silver filling if it pops out of our mouth – why, then, do we allow that toxic material to live inside of us, vaporizing and seeping into our body systems through our mouth and jaw?

i had all the mercury fillings taken out of my mouth long ago, according to the advice of my nutritionist

please, read this posting from a biological dentist here in houston; people come for all over the world to have him remove their “silver” fillings – it has to be done correctly and it’s a time consuming and costly undertaking but, in my case, i know it paid off and made my immune system stronger

if you read the book It’s All In Your Head, The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness by Dr. Hal A. Huggins, i’m pretty sure you’ll want to immediately look into the possibility that your fillings are poisoning you  – and that’s the last thing in the world you need on your plate if you’re already battling it out with a chronic or critical condition or disease

i have lots to share on this topic but, for now, read this article written by  a biological dentist, William P. Glaros, DDS, INC

One Friday, I returned a call to a patient who was bringing her mom in

for a dental appointment that coming Monday, as her mom had lost a
mercury “silver” filling. She described how she’d picked up the filling
with a latex glove, put it in a baggie and sealed it, and put both the
baggie and glove in a glass jar and sealed that.  “Was that okay?” she
“Almost perfect,” I replied. She’d certainly done the right thing by not
touching it bare-handed. She was ecologically responsible, not throwing
it into the garbage where it would end up off-gassing in a landfill or
flushing it down the toilet to contaminate the water supply. Her choice
of a sealed glass container would prevent the ever-releasing mercury
vapor from polluting the air. 
“Almost perfect?” she said.  “Dr., what would you have done?”
“Well, with 40 years of dental experience, and with a clear knowledge of
the positions of the American Dental Association and the Food and Drug
Administration on the safety of mercury/silver fillings for patients, I
would have told your mom to put that filling in the only safe place on
the planet: back in her mouth.”
We both had a good laugh. But after we hung up, I grew sad. You see,
when a dentist handles mercury/silver filling material (amalgam), it’s
considered “toxic” until placed in the tooth. And upon removing the
“silver” filling, we must dispose of the material as “hazardous waste.”
In between time? ADA and FDA policies agree with my “only safe place”
comment. This is sad. This is also crazy.

The odd logic of the amalgam being “safe” only when in the mouth” –
along with my witnessing the detrimental effects of “silver fillings” on
the health of patients – is  what convinced me to make mine a
“mercury-free” dental practice many years ago. And it’s what compels me
to serve my patients through the safe removal of toxic fillings.

How I long for the faulty “mercury” logic to be corrected, for dentists
to be open to better options for their patients, for patients to find
the higher quality care that is readily available and for that mercury
filling (and baggie and glove) in the glass jar to be merely a reminder
of a practice now extinct!


Safe Mercury Removal Protocol

Biological Dentistry

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February 26, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

chronic sinus infections cured with ozone therapy

sepi artlast week, i visited our accountant and he told me how he conquered the chronic sinus infections that had plagued him for 4-5 years

his chiropractor recommended ozone therapy; he tried it and hasn’t had a sinus infection in 3-4 yrs!

he said it clears out negative things and accumulative debris in the sinus cavities

for the first month and a half, he did the treatment 2-3 times/week

then, once/week

and now, he only does it for 3 minutes, once/month

all his ozone therapy equipment is right there at work

very interesting – let’s google this ozone therapy and see what it’s all about!

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February 26, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

Becoming Disabled – guest blog from chair yoga class student

thanks, pat, for composing this thoughtful blog about your experience of becoming disabled; you tell it like it is and give so many healthy suggestions!

i really like how you affirm people for the troubles upon them and then offer do-able solutions, things they can act upon to empower and elevate themselves.  your honesty, courage and inner peace shine through and i’m so grateful for your inspiring contribution herein:

It comes as a huge shock.  I am not the healthy person that I was.   And just when I’m feeling emotionally distraught, anxious, and physically down, I realize that things in my life have changed.   HAVE I CHANGED?   HOW HAVE I CHANGED!   Will I recover?  Can I still work:  Who will do the things I am known for?  Who will take care of my family?  What about my spouse?  How much money will all this cost?   …And a million other thoughts.

 First, you have to listen to your body.   Eat as healthy as you can, exercise often – even if the movements are small, and sleep when you need to.   Ask for help so that you can do this.  The diagnosis and the illness are both stressful so it is important to find a way to relax, to give you the opportunity to think deeply and to begin a new routine which can restore a sense of balance in your life despite the illness.   Music, prayer, meditation, deep breathing, yoga, laughter and friendship can help to reduce stress.   So can being kind to others, or even witnessing someone else being kind.   Be realistic.   Ask a family member or friend to support you as you learn and adapt and figure out what to do next.
Make lists.  The first one can be a list of things you are grateful for.  If you do it right this will be a long one.   If there are people you are grateful for, please tell them.   Remember, they may be scared and worried also.  
The second can be a ‘current challenges’ list.  Write down all the  concerns you can think of.  It is not necessary to go far into the future, or to define every ‘what if”.   Share this list with your closest supporters.   Remember the old saying “A trouble shared is a trouble halved.”  
The third list is a ‘to do list’.   Brainstorm what can be done to eliminate or reduce the challenges on list 2.   Be creative.  Include imaginary and outrageous solutions and ideas that you can laugh about.  
Pat Ligon 2/14/13
Guruatma serves as a mentor for those who suffer from chronic or critical illness, as well as their family members. To inquire about or schedule a one-on-one session, click here:


February 22, 2013
by Guruatma Khalsa

‘low points’ of chronic & critical illness

what to do when we’re at a really low point along the long, drawn-out path of our healing journey, feeling so disappointed that we lose faith and honestly don’t how we’re going to cope if things don’t improve?

the only way i know to answer that is by sharing my own experience and a letter i wrote to someone challenged by a critical illness who’s flying alone to another city for a doctor’s consult:

try to recognize and see it as a test, the test of  your soul walking you through this life for the purpose of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g you beyond the ‘little me’ in you
you’re being prompted (booted is more like how it really feels) to go to the highest part of your Self and refer to that which is bigger than your ego’s desires
you will find a way to meet this seemingly-endless challenge
recognize that it’s your ego’s desire that’s driving you – know that it’s normal for the ego to to be in judgement but, you are not your ego.  your ego and your mind are your servants
do your best to scootch your feelings off to the side and focus on the moment (the only place were you actually have control).  command your domain and hold the space of your grace – that’s enough work for you, today  

i feel your pain and loneliness 

 may you pass this day finding something to be grateful for along the way
may the light of  your presence bless those you come in contact with 
may things go smoothly for you, today and may you be served with grace and respect
and may you feel comforted by those who love and support you and are with you in spirit
once again, let me share this formula with you – you know i use it when i’m freaking out or are in some way disgruntled, disgusted, feeling blocked or not satisfied – i live on it!
break it apart, apply it to where you’re at and take care of yourself – get on with the task of controlling your mind
“This is the key to training the mind.

Use the mind to project to, and stay at a point beyond the mind’s nature.

When the mind stays with the self-illumined soul within you, then all pains and suffering disappear, and your presence radiates and works.

If you train your mind by confronting your ego and desires, it only causes pain.

Train your mind by directing it to confront you unlimited soul.

The mind will be elevated, and you will be elevated. The consistent projection and training is called a permanent state of bliss.”  Yogi Bhajan

i so hear you and affirm you when you say, “I honestly don’t know how I will cope if things can’t be improved.” 

on the same note, i hear and affirm the truth – you are more than that.  you are a soul on a journey.  you are a spirit and, a highly-conscious one, at that.  and you have everything you need to meet this challenge – inside of you and outside, too, which includes all those who have the privilege of walking this difficult path with you
remember your mantra for reversing the bombardment of negative thoughts: 
ek ong kaar sat gur prasad, sat gur prasad, ek ong kaar – MOVE IT across your thought patterns, your worries and fears.  be with it and keep weaving it through your psyche, through your being, and experience of this day
you’re doing a good job of facing all this and i respect your ‘keep up’ spirit
thanks for reaching out and including me in your process
i am with you in spirit
Guruatma serves as a mentor for those who suffer from chronic or critical illness, as well as their family members. To inquire about or schedule a one-on-one session, click here: